PRC IAB Spring Meeting

Session I

Introduction – Madhavan Swaminathan, PRC Director

Welcome – Chaouki Abdallah, Executive Vice President for Research, GT

Welcome from Institute of Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) – Oliver Brand, Director, IEN GT

PRC Overview – Madhavan Swaminathan, PRC Director

Future Electronics and Its Packaging Solutions, Sung Jin Kim, CTO, Absolics


Session II: Wireless Technologies for 5G & 6G

Chairs: Christopher Blancher and Jose Lopez-Ninantay

mmWave Packaging using Glass Interposers, Xingchen Li, ECE

Student Poster Session and Q&A

  • Nahid Aslani Amoli: Design of diplexers, couplers and IPDs on Alumina Ribbon Ceramic substrates for 5G NR bands
  • Lakshmi Narasimha Vijaykumar: Design and Modelling of interconnects and antenna arrays on glass
  • Yuqi Liu: Antenna-in-Package Design for mm Wave 5G Transceiver Array on Glass
  • Kai-Qi Huang: MM-Wave and sub-Terahertz Antennas
  • Mutee Ur Rehman: Substrate Integrated RF Waveguides
  • Serhat Erdogan (internship): Design of Glass-based D-band Yagi Antennas
  • Xiaofan Jia (internship): Planar Goubau Line and chip embedded package for D-band applications
  • Xingchen Li: RF Chip Embedding on Glass Interposer for 5G Application
  • Pavithra Kuppakone and Abhirupa Saha: Fabrication of 8-element antenna array on glass for high bandwidth applications

Industry Feedback – Moderator: Martin Letz, Schot

Session III: High Density Interposers

Chairs: Prahalad Murali and Mete Muslu

Co-packaging of High Density Electronic and Photonic Interconnects, Mohan Kathaperumal, Research Faculty, PRC

Student Poster Session and Q&A

  • Pratik Nimbalkar: Study of Ti-polymer interactions for adhesion reliability of RDL
  • Christopher Blancher: Eight Metal Layer Test Vehicle on Glass Substrate with Fine Features and Vias
  • Pragna Bhaskar: Reliability Aspects of RDL
  • Sai Ambi Venkataramanan: Surface homogeneity of adhesion promoters for Glass metallization and study of plasma etching for microvias
  • Jose Lopez-Ninantay: Polymer waveguides on glass for co-integration of electrical and optical interconnects
  • Rakesh Krishna (internship): Optical coupling design for high-speed photonic interconnects
  • Nikhil Damani (UG): Characterization of Microvias Using Computer Vision
  • Ethan Shackelford (UG): Thermomechanical Clamp for Curing Low-K Dielectric Dry Films

Industry Feedback, Kuldip Johal, Atotech


Session IV: Industry Panel

Title: Future of Semiconductor Packaging; Moderator: Madhavan Swaminathan

Panelists: Om Nalamasu (AMAT), Andrew Ketterson (Qorvo), Shekhar Chadrashekhar (iNEMI), Ravi Mahajan (Intel), Doug Yu (TSMC), Rao Tummala (Georgia Tech Emeritus)

Session V: Power Delivery & Thermal Management

Chairs: Mercy Daniel Aguebor and Oluwaseyi Akinwande

Emerging challenges and directions for thermal management in heterogeneous integration – Yogendra Joshi, Professor, ME

Student Poster Session and Q&A

  • Prahalad Murali: Embedded Magnetic Core Toroidal Inductors for Integrated Voltage Regulators
  • Mete Muslu: Vertically-Integrated Power Delivery and Thermal Management in SiC drive inverter packages
  • Joon Woo Kim: Thermal Management Solutions for Advanced Glass Panel Embedded Die
  • Venkatesh Avula: Package-integrated Thermal Management for Embedded Passives
  • Seunghyup Han: PDN Optimization with Power Supply Noise Reduction
  • Marisa Ahmed (UG): Design based Process optimization for fabrication of embedded inductors
  • Nicholas Zhang (UG): Thermal Analysis of 6G Antenna Chip Packaging with Python Regression


Industry Feedback – Moderator: Steven Verhaverbeke, Applied Materials

Wrap Up


May 27, 2022

Session VI: Design of AI & HPC Systems

Chairs: Pavithra Kuppakone and Joon Woo Kim

Glass Interposer Integration of Logic and Memory Chiplets: PPA Benefits Over Other Means – Sung-Kyu Lim, Professor, ECE

Student Poster Session and Q&A

  • Eric Huang (internship): RCS Modeling for High Performance Computing
  • Mercy Daniel Aguebor: Interposer Optimization for High Performance Computing
  • Osama Bhatti (internship): Design Space Exploration using Neural Networks
  • Pruek Vanna-iampikul: Glass Interposer Integration of Logic and Memory Chiplets: PPA and Power/Signal
Integrity Benefits

  • Oluwaseyi Akinwande: Generative Modeling for High-Speed Channel Design
  • Yiliang Guo: Machine Learning for Rapid Assessment of EM Response
  • Onurcan Yazar: Reliability-Driven Thermal Optimization of 2.5D and 3D Packaging Architectures
  • Aaryan Shah: Bayesian Optimization based Design Space Exploration
  • Yifan Wang: WLP Based Finite Difference Time Domain Method for Fast EM Response Simulation
  • Diana Lalieva (UG): Machine learning for advances in power integrity modeling

Industry Feedback – Moderator: Doug Sheldon, JPL


Session VII: Metrology & Facilities

Recent Activities in the Nanoscale Device Characterization Division at NIST, Jason P. Campbell, NIST

PRC Facilities – Current Capabilities and Future Plans, Lila Dahal

Executive Advisory Board Meeting (Invitation Only)


Session VIII: Materials, Assembly & Reliability

Chairs: Sai Ambi Venkataramanan and Pragna Bhaskar

Heterogeneous Integration: Opportunities and Challenges – A Reliability Perspective – Suresh Sitaraman, Professor, ME

Materials and Assembly for Pitch Scaling and Reliability, Jack Moon, Research Faculty, PRC

Student Poster Session and Q&A

  • Ramon Sosa: Cu pillars with nanoporous-Cu caps for C2S Cu-Cu bonding
  • Zhijian Sun: High Thermal Conductivity Epoxy Composites in the application of 3D semiconductor packaging
  • Jiaxiong Li: High Performance Epoxy Molding Compound for High Power Packaging
  • Amiri Savage: Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Flip-Chip on Glass for Space Applications
  • Nithin Nedumthakady: Electrodeposited Cu-Graphene heat spreaders for reliable thermal management of embedded dies
  • Alex Moss: Copper-Graphene Composite Wicks in Vapor Chamber Systems
  • John Wilson (UG): Electrical Evaluation of Transition Metal Complex Catalyzed Latent Cure Epoxy
  • Vineeth K. Harish (UG): Design and Fabrication of Glass Core Reliability Test Vehicle for Testing in Extreme Environments

Industry Feedback – Moderator: Bai Nei, Intel

Wrap Up

PRC Tour – Lila Dahal, PRC Facilities Manager (Industry and Visitors – Please sign up)

End of PRC IAB Meeting