Workshops on Software, Data, and Dashboards

Workshops on Modeling, Software, Data, and Dashboards

Trainees are expected to develop robust computational skill-sets relevant to the study of living systems and to prepare them for sustainable careers. The InQuBATE training program will provide enhanced training in this area through training workshops offered by the ‘Carpentries’, ‘CyVerse’, and the ‘Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory’ (ABiL).  These offerings will augment classroom training with practical skill sets specifically designed for dual-use.  In doing so, we will prioritize the following programmatic offerings:

Software and data carpentry workshops: Multiple software and data carpentry workshops will be offered annually and focused on enhancing the technical skills of trainees, via a collaboration with the Carpentries. These workshops will be supplemented by advanced workshops on utilizing cloud-based resources, in collaboration with the Cyberinfrastructure Project CyVerse. 

Public and Policy Engagement via Interactive Dashboards: We intend to translate our innovations to broaden the base for a national-scale transformation of education at the interface of the biological and data sciences. InQuBATE will partner with ABiL to host an annual two-day intensive hands-on workshop (~20 attendees per event) that focuses on the development of websites, U/I design, dashboard basics, containers, dockers, and the integration of web services to enable dashboards to communicate via XML systems with pre-computed or user-requested computed applications.

Annual Hands-On InQuBATE Modeling Outreach Workshop: Program Faculty will work with trainees to organize, prepare, and teach an annual workshop intended to expand the impact and dissemination of quantitative methods to a diverse range of students (and of instructors). The workshop builds upon an ongoing workshop program organized by PI Weitz over the past 5 years (May 2017-2021), e.g., the most recent workshop focused on Epidemics.