• BMED 3110: Quantitative Engineering Physiology Laboratory I (Required)
  • BMED 3610: Quantitative Engineering Physiology Laboratory II: (Required)
  • BMED 4500: Cell and Tissue Engineering Lab

Additional Instructional Lab Activities

In addition to the courses and programs mentioned above, the Instructional Lab provides support for other graduate/undergraduate courses. They include:

  • BMED 4813/8813 Optical Microscopy (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • BMED 4739/6739 Medical Robotics (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • BMED 3100 Systems Physiology (Undergraduate)
  • BMED 2250 Problems in Biomedical Engineering (Undergraduate)
  • BMED 4602 Senior Design (Undergraduate).Guidance and resources are also provided to Senior Design teams for Capstone projects, as needed
  • BMED 2310 Intro to Biomedical Engineering Design (Undergraduate). Guidance and resources provided to teams for prototype development
  • Idea to Prototype (I2P) Resources and guidance for prototype development and testing
  • Undergraduate research
  • Participation in Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program of Georgia Tech

Additionally, Instructional Lab instrumentation and resources are available for use by undergraduates and graduate students from other research labs.