Welcome to the 2021 Fall GT IP Hackathon! 

For the schedule and key times:

  1. Join the slack group for this event if you are looking for teammates and for all hackathon communications
  2. Go to the registration page, scroll down to register your team name and participants no later than 10AM on Saturday morning.  We would greatly appreciate registering ahead of time for our planning purposes. 
    1. You will first register a team name and the IP (GTRC ID) you choose.  Then scroll down and then,
    2. have each member of your team to enter their information under that team.  Even though you have registered, we would like the participants to re-enter the information on that page.
    3. We do require at least 2 people on a team and only one team per person
  3. If you are looking for a team, please come to a virtual event at 3PM to network with others.  It will be on Gatherly (must use laptop/desktop with chrome browser to access)
  4. The IP list is broken into two sections,
    1. a General list which does contain a few MSE related IP
    2. a list of Materials Science IP
  5. If you are an MSE student OR you choose an MSE related IP, you will be automatically in the MSE track which will compete for prizes.  There are two tracks, each with $10K of prizes between all placements.  Top 3 in each track will receive prizes.
  6. The judging criteria is listed on here:  https://www.eventcreate.com/e/iphackathon
    1. The submission is a 1-2 line description with a youtube video uploaded and corresponding URL. 
    2. The final submission is due 11AM on Sunday 11/7/2021.  We will post the link to upload information to all registered applicants after registration closes tomorrow at 10AM.
    3. There is no judge interaction or Q&A.  It will be based solely on your video.
  7. The 1st round finalists will be judged over 24 hours and results will be posted Monday at 5PMET on Slack
  8. The final round will be posted on November 9that 5PM

 Any questions should be emailed to 1bhackathon <1bhackathon@groups.gatech.edu>.