We want to nurture our students to be creative, ethical, globally minded, technologically sophisticated innovators and problem-solvers committed to making a positive difference in their communities, their organizations, and the world.

6 Focus Areas

Georgia Tech’s vision for the upcoming decade focuses on six key focus areas to drive impactful change, including:

Amplify Impact

Champion Innovation

Connect Globally

Expand Access

Cultivate Well-Being

Lead by Example

We will measure progress and achievements in our vision for the future through these six areas of focus.

9 Values

The Institute Strategic Plan is guided by a range of values that are reinforced through community and culture. Our commitment to students, alongside 8 other values, are foundational to both the Plan and the vision of the Institute.

“This plan presents our shared vision for the next decade … and is driven by a set of ambitious goals and bold actions to grow the impact we have in the world.”

– President Angel Cabrera

19 Strategic Initiatives

From Arts@Tech to Research Next, various initiatives help support the Strategic Plan’s six focus areas, and are tracked through a range of Key Performance Indicators.

Vision and Mission

We want to bring together scholars and innovators driven by the idea that technology has the power to improve the human condition. To do so, we seek to embrace all voices, strengthen our local roots, broaden our global reach, and create a better future for all.

What’s YOUR dream for Georgia Tech?

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