Undergraduate Students 

The Janus Laboratory in the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech is recruiting undergraduate research assistants for the Fall of 2024.

Contact Dr. Liao (liao@gatech.edu) in advance. Send your resume/CV, indicate your major/minor, prior research experience if any, and describe skills you have that may be relevant to the lab work (e.g., skills, course taken).

  • Students with prior experience involving psychological research, use of Unity, Python, R, Eye Tracking, Natural Language Processing are strongly encouraged to get in touch.

Undergraduate research assistants in the lab are expected to have excellent work ethic and stay committed to lab research for at least 6 hours (2 credits) per week.

Once approved, URAs will sign up for research credits. See

  • Sign up for course credit: PSYC 2699 or PSYC 4699
  • See instructions here!