Research Group

Current Students

Romain Ben Taleb

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, IMT Mines Albi (co-advised with Matthieu Lauras and Aurélie Montarnal)
Predictive Analytics and Simulation-Based Accounting and Control Decision Support for SMEs
Expected graduation Fall 2023

Pichamon Ankulkarnkusol

B.S. in Industrial Engineering
Strategic Coordination of Heterogeneous Resources for Attack Detection
Expected graduation Spring 2023

Bastián Bahamondes

Ph.D. in Operations Research
Network Inspection Operations for Detecting Stochastic and Adversarial Disruptions
Expected graduation Spring 2024

Onkar Kulkarni
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (co-advised with Benoit Montreuil)
Design of Resilient Logistics Networks
Expected graduation Spring 2024

Bobak McCann

Ph.D. in Operations Research
Network Security Games with Heterogeneous Resources
Expected graduation Spring 2025

J. Haden Boone

Ph.D. in Operations Research
Security of Distribution Networks
Expected graduation Spring 2026

Former Students

Hannah Wilborn Lagerman

M.S. in Operations Research (co-advised with Pinar Keskinocak)
COVID-19 Testing Supply Chain Resilience
Graduated Fall 2021