ME 4012: Motion Controls

ME 4012 teaches practical modeling and linear control methods for stable, unstable, and complex motion systems.  Mechanical, fluidic, thermal and electrical components are analyzed, modeled, and controlled using frequency domain and time domain techniques.  Hands-on laboratory experiments including magnetic levitation and balancing of a Segway-like balancing robot using the LabVIEW on the myRIO system or C programming using Arduino.  The class has no final, but does include a final team project where students build and control a robot or other dynamic system of their choice.  ME4012 is part of the Minor in Robotics program at Georgia Tech.  The class pre-requisite is ME3017 (System Dynamics) or equivalent.

Videos for past final projects can be found at the links below:
Class Youtube Channel
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Examples of structured laboratory projects are shown below: