Moving Horizontally: The New Dimensions of At Scale Learning in the Time of COVID-19

Book Cover imageMoving Horizontally: The New Dimensions of At Scale Learning in the Time of COVID-19 is an open access/open publishing electronic book that gives an account of how a variety of US and international institutions responded to COVID-19 in order to keep educational delivery operational in this new era of horizontal at-scale learning.

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Book Synopsis
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Table of Contents:
Foreword | Peter Stokes, Huron Consulting Group    

Editors’ Overview | Yakut Gazi and Nelson Baker, Georgia Institute of Technology 

The Social and Economic Imperatives Driving the Need to Scale Access to Education and Training Across the Lifespan | Mary Walshok, University of California-San Diego

Section I: Vertical at-Scale in the Service of Horizontal at-Scale
Horizontal Scaling: How Experience in MOOC Programs Helped a College Strategy in Emergency Response
| Norma Scagnoli, Northeastern University and Martin Maurer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mechanisms for Supporting Emergency Remote Classes: Towards a Distributed Classroom | David Joyner, Georgia Institute of Technology

Section II: Strategy and Change Management
Strategic Leadership and Partnerships to Scale a Remote Teaching Infrastructure Rooted in Jesuit Values | Kelly Otter and Shenita Ray, Georgetown University

Jumping the Great Chasm to Quality Online Learning at Scale: Strategic Change Management in a Time of Crisis | Jennifer Schwedler, University of California at Davis

Louisiana Tech University Today and Sprinting Towards Tomorrow | Donna Johnson and Thomas Hoover, Louisiana Tech University
Section III: Fostering a Culture of Innovation
Fostering a Culture of Academic Innovation in a Time of Crisis | MJ Bishop, Nancy O’Neill, and Paul Walsh, University System of Maryland

Adapting Vertically-Scaled Solutions Across Many Georgia Tech Classes | Jeonghyun (Jonna) Lee, Matt Lisle, and Troy Courville, Georgia Institute of Technology

Transforming Higher Education through COVID-19 Crisis: Experiences and Opportunities in the Netherlands| Ulrike Wild and Tim Stevens, Wageningen University; Janine Kiers and Bertien Broekhans, Delft University of Technology 

Section IV: Scale as a New Paradigm
Horizontal Scaling of Online Learning in the Post-COVID19 Society: Reflections from Kerala | Arun Surendran, Trinity College of Engineering, Kerala and C.P. Vinod, Local Government Commission, Kerala, India

The Future of Learning is Blended | Anant Agarwal, edX

Thinking and Acting at Scale for Internal University Services | Rovy Branon, University of Washington

Learning at-Scale and Affordability in a Post-COVID19 World | 
Yakut Gazi and Nelson Baker, Georgia Institute of Technology; Karen Sibley, Brown University (retired)