About the Book

This open access/open publishing electronic book give an account of how a variety of US and international institutions responded to COVID-19 in order to keep educational delivery operational in this new era of horizontal at-scale learning.

Book Synopsis

Book CoverInstitutions that have been in the forefront of not only online but also of at-scale and affordable learning have been leaders of a “vertical” scale, where a limited number of programs and courses were built that sustain a vertical growth of enrollments. Responding to the COVID-19 global health crisis on our campuses entailed wide collaboration and coordination of not only technological capabilities but also human talent distributed across our institutions, to be able to quickly pivot to a “horizontal” scale of many students distributed over many courses, taught by many faculty. This book is an international compilation of institutional responses to this “horizontal scaling” of remote and online delivery of courses. Each chapter gives the context of activities at each institution/organization, followed by the strategy or operational tactics of the coordinated emergency response, highlighting successes, sharing lessons learned, charting future ambitions. The goal of this book is to distill strategies for responding to the need to quickly pivot and meet the needs of a horizontal scaling of learning as a result of emergencies.