TheĀ Nakatani Research and International Experiences for Students Fellowship Program (RIES) is an undergraduate research internship and exchange program sponsored and funded by the Nakatani Foundation between Georgia Tech and Japan.

The Nakatani RIES program sends up to 12 Georgia Tech biomedical engineering undergraduates to laboratories in Japan for 9-10 weeks starting in mid-May. Selected students are paid to perform research, get exposed to the latest technologies, and gain new cultural experiences while working in laboratories in Japan. Universities across Japan participate in this exchange including representation in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

The program also hosts up to 12 Japanese undergraduates at Georgia Tech for 6-7 weeks starting in early August. Fellows from the U.S. and Japan will have many opportunities to spend time together for fun activities, networking, and research collaboration.

This program is considered part of the Georgia Tech Global Internship Program and students will not receive course credit for their research.