ML@GT at NeurIPS 2020

Isbell to Present Keynote at Premier Neural Processing Conference

With 28 papers to present, the Machine Learning Center at Georgia Tech (ML@GT) is poised to make a big splash at the 2020 Neural Processing and Information Systems (NeurIPS) conference. Adding to the excitement is ML@GT faculty member and Dean of Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, Charles Isbell, will give an invited talk.

Isbell’s talk, You Can’t Escape Hyperparameters and Latent Variables: Machine Learning as a Software Engineering Enterprise, will take people through the ages of artificial intelligence. With the conference occurring in December, the presentation incorporates A Christmas Carol theme with Isbell acting as the “Ghosts of AI Past, Present, and Future.”

Other Georgia Tech involvement includes a social for the Women in Machine Learning workshop. The social is being organized by GT Computing students Xiangyu Peng and Siyan Li. Also, ML@GT Ph.D. student Sarah Wiegreffe is serving as a poster mentor.

ML@GT’s accepted research papers cover a wide variety of topics, from Covid-19 forecasting to how online learning is used to fairly allocate resources.

“ML@GT continues to have a strong presence at NeurIPS contributing to many important conversations both at the conference and beyond. This is a diverse and highly-anticipated conference and we’re looking forward to a great week,” said Irfan Essa, ML@GT executive director.

NeurIPS has grown significantly in the past few years, increasing its number of submissions this year by 40 percent with an acceptance rate of 20 percent. The conference fosters the exchange of research on biological, mathematical, and theoretical aspects of neural processing systems and will take place online Dec. 6 through 12.


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