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Principle Investigator

Dr. Yongsheng Chen is the Director and Principle Investigator at the N.E.W. Center.

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our fearless leader




Dr. Bopeng Zhang

Bopeng got his Ph.D. in 2018 at Georgia Tech and a M.S. in C.S.E with support from NSF and other agencies. He has been focused on membrane technology in sustainable energy generation and water treatment during his study here. He now switches gear to apply membrane technology to recover nutrients from wastewater. As a young research, Bopeng also wants to integrate conventional water treatment and agriculture studies with data science and technology to build models and novel system design.


Visiting Scholars



Graduate Students


Undergraduate Students

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Lead Investigator

Dr. Yongsheng Chen is the Director and Principle Investigator at the N.E.W. Center.

Brief one-paragraph bio

our fearless leader



Postdoctoral Researchers

Yangying Zhao

Current Project: I am developing novel membrane materials and technologies for precise separation and resource recovery from water/wastewater streams.


Visiting Scholars

Graduate Researchers

Dylan Lambeth, PhD Student

Current Project: I’m currently working on two research projects: First, I’m using machine learning to predict bioaccumulation of PFAS compounds in hydroponic lettuce based on molecular descriptors. Second, I’m using machine learning to assist in the design of membranes to separate solutes in wastewater, with the goal of separating PFAS and other emerging contaminants from nutrients which can be reused in hydroponics.




Undergraduate Researchers

Camille Butkus

Project: During Fall 2020 – Spring 2021, I cultivated algae in outdoor photobioreactors to support DOE DAC project. During Spring 2020, I assisted with construction, set up, and continuous operation of hydroponics chambers; collected water and lettuce samples; researched the effects of nutrient concentration on uptake rates and the use of ion selective electrodes in hydroponics systems.

Emma E. Carmical: May – Dec 2021
Teagan E. Groh: Aug – Dec 2019, Aug – Dec 2021
Cambria R. Caliendo Aug: – Dec 2021
Abigail E. Crombie: Aug – Dec 2021
Andrea M. Green: Aug – Dec 2021
Pauline Yakubovich: Aug – Dec 2021
Catherine A. Rekos: Aug – Dec 2021
Maya Z. Kahn: Jan – Aug 2021
Ian C. Moss: May – Aug 2021
Rachel Nichols: May – Aug 2021
Henry (Elijah) Craig: May – Aug 2021
Lily F Luong: May – Aug 2021
Corinna S. Alting: Jan – Apr 2021
Nok Sam Leong: Aug 2020 – Apr 2021
Talia Zheng: Aug 2020 – Apr 2021
Bethel T. Mamo: Aug – Dec 2020
Caroline R. Krall: Jan – Apr 2021
Isabelle M. Musmanno: Aug – Dec 2019
Camille R. Butkus: Aug – Dec 2020
Fabin Saju: Jan – Dec 2020
Matthew (Tom) Ennis: Aug 2019 – Apr 2020
Jazmin Lucio: Aug – Dec 2019, Jan – Apr 2020
Teresa (Rose) Mckenna: Aug – Dec 2019
Dylan R. Lambeth: Aug 2019 – May 2020
Mengquiao Gao: Aug 2019 – May 2020
Jasmin Lopez: Aug – Dec 2019
Wiley S. Helm: Aug 2019 – Apr 2020
Monica C. Lester: Aug – Dec 2019