MAS Rotors

Many if not most Solid-State NMR experiments require that the sample is rotated with high frequencies at an angle of 54.74 degree relative to the magnetic field. This is the so-called Magic Angle Spinning.

This requires special sample containers, the so called rotors. Most first time users, who see such a rotor, think that such a little container could not cost much more than a few dollars. Live in solid-state NMR would be so much easier if this would be the case. For the most part we use 4mm MAS rotors, which currently list on Bruker’s website for $927.39 (including caps). Smaller rotor sizes are even significantly more expensive.

So what makes the rotor so expensive: it is a ZrO2 high-precision ceramic. Alternative materials include Sapphire and Diamond. These ceramics need to be machined!

An essential part of the rotor is its cap, which is used to seal the rotor; on its outside it has turbine shovels. In most instances the cap is made out of different kind of plastics. Pls check the information from the manufacturer since the cap-material can lead to a background in the detected NMR signal.

4mm MAS rotor

Due to its high cost, the NMR center has a small supply of MAS rotors. We lend those to our users such that nobody has to bear the initial cost of purchasing one or several rotors.

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