N15 T2 setup note on B800 with TP3.5pl5:

  1. Use hsqct2etf3gpsi3d sequence.
  2. Go to VCLIST and open the exam_15NT2 file, re-edit it with new T2 ncyc  numbers you choose, and save as a new filename, and make sure to load this new file in, for example, you choose 8 ncyc numbers: 1,2,4,…≤14, and then go to ACQUPARS tab, make sure NBL = 8, TD1=8, FnMODE in F1 using QF;
  3. Make sure that D1 >= 1.5s; ZGOPTNS using “-DLABEL_CN” for C13/N15 double labeled sample; and ZG.
  4. After finished, under the current expt. dataset, type “rser2d” to extract those 8 2D spectra with new expt. NO., and when processing them with nmrPipe, make sure to use the same parameters.


T2 delay = d31*loop_number, (d31 — length of single cpmg loop)

d31= (p30*16+d21*32) us

  1. If use hsqct2etf3gpsi sequence, which is not pseudo 3D, make sure that D1>= 1.5s, and only change d20 as the delay time points for each 2D experiment.
  2. Do in the similar way for corresponding trosy version sequences: trt2etf3gpsi3d and trt2etf3gpsi.

Hongwei edited on 9/15/2023