Where to Find Us

Where to Find Us

The affected departments and programs (with the exception of Tutoring and Academic Support, which is in Clough 469) will temporarily move to the first floor of the Rich Computer Center, located at 258 Fourth Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30332. Temporary program locations:

Academic Success and Advising

  • First-Generation and Limited Income Student Initiatives – Rich 127D
  • Tutoring & Academic Support
    • Tutoring Staff – Clough 469
    • Tutoring Center – Clough 427
    • Math Lab – Clough 280
    • First-Year and Organic Chemistry Help Desk – Clough 278
    • CS 1371 Help Desk – Clough 272
  • Undergraduate Advising and Transition – Rich 127E

Experiential and Engaged Learning

  • Student Innovation – Rich 127G
  • Undergraduate Research – Rich 127H
  • Undergraduate Transition Seminars (GT 1000 & GT 2000) – Rich 131
Bobbie Tutt ASA/E2L Admin Rich 133A
Devoni Williams Advising Rich 127A
Emmie Cass Advising Rich 127A
Nicole Leonard Advising Rich 127A
Beth Spencer Advising Director Rich 127E
Lorett Swank ASA Executive Director Rich 127C
Chris Reaves E2L Executive Director Rich 127G
Jamie White-Jones E2L Program & Ops Mgr Rich 127J
Charmaine Troy First-Gen Rich 127D
Katherine Lawlor First-Gen Rich 127B
Laura Williams Research Rich 127H
Anna Holcomb Retention Initiatives Rich 127F
Jacquee Williams Transition Seminars Rich 131
Catherine (Cassie) Thomas Transition Seminars Rich 127I
Linda Green Tutoring Director Clough 469
Erica Chaviano Tutoring Clough 469
Alonza Simmons Tutoring Clough 469