Group Alumni

Graduate Students

Ben Hudson

Kirthana Bhat

Evan Roberts

Serena Huang

Sarah Leonard

Ashley Cormier


Undergraduate Students

Inara Mahmood


Inara documented computational modeling processes to streamline the learning curve for incoming researchers. She also ran simulations of different peptide assemblies using NAMD.

Melissa Crain

Melissa contributions centered around documenting NMR techniques and learning how to extract structural insights from NMR experiments.

Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth assisted on two publications on SAF-p1/p2 peptide nanofibers (with Evan Roberts) and Aβ oligomers (with Yuan Gao). Her primary roles were analyzing spectra obtained from various solid state NMR techniques and TEM images, in addition to presentation of statistical data on chemical shift measurements. She has also assisted with producing figures modeling possible β-sheet structures with various registry shifts using VMD.

Grant Larkin

Melinda Le

Dipam Patel

Maxwell Zimmerman

Robert Franklin