Seth Bonder Camp in Data and Computational Science
I run the Seth Bonder summer Camp in Computational and Data Science for middle- and high-school students every summer. The camp does not assume any computational skills and introduces computational skills through applications in social science, biology, and medicine. Basic techniques in computational social science, computational biology, machine learning, and optimization are covered. See the pictures of the 2017 edition.

Courses at Georgia Tech
I received Teaching Excellence Award for Online Teaching in April 2021,  the 2020 Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: Class of 1934 Award,  and the Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching:  CIOS Honor Roll for Fall 2020, Fall 2021, and Fall 2022 (Large Classes).

First lecture of Fall 2021


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Courses at Brown University
While at Brown, I received the Philip J. Bray Award for Teaching Excellence in the Physical Sciences and I taught a variety of classes for about 20 years in the department of computer science. Here are some of them with some reviews.

  • CS-031: Introduction to Computer Systems (Sophomore Class) – Review: Fall 2009
  • CS-258: Solving Hard Problems in Combinatorial Optimization (Graduate Class) – Review: Spring 2010
  • CS-181: Introduction to Computational Biology (Undergraduate Class) – Review: 2003

I learned everything I know about teaching from Dave Sklar, Andy van Dam, Philip Klein, and the amazing TAs at Brown CS.

Massively Online Open Courses
I am teaching a MOOC on Discrete Optimization on Coursera. The new version of the course, on the Coursera platform, has been submitted to Coursera, so it should be available soon. Stay tuned.