About Me

I am a PhD candidate advised by Prof. Moin Qureshi at Georgia Tech. My research focuses on software and architecture for improving the reliability of quantum computers. I am also interested in computer architecture, memory systems, and emerging technologies.

I am currently on the academic job market looking for tenure-track positions.

I am a recipient of the Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship. Before joining Georgia Tech, I obtained my MS from University of Texas, Austin. I received my B.Tech from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur and was awarded the Institute Gold Medal for highest distinction.

During my PhD, I interned at Amazon Braket Quantum Research, Google Quantum AI Research, and Microsoft Research Quantum groups. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, I worked as a Design Engineer at NXP, Austin and LSI, Bangalore.


    • Our paper Astrea is accepted at ISCA, 2023
    • Our paper The Imititaion Game is accepted at HPCA, 2023
    • Our paper FrozenQubits is accepted at ASPLOS, 2023
    • Invited to IBM’s 7th Workshop on the Future of Computing Architectures, 2022
    • Selected for Rising Stars in EECS Workshop, 2022
    • Selected to attend the Heidelberg Laureate Forum, 2022
    • Received the Best Research Award at DAC PhD Forum, 2022
    • Our paper EQUAL is accepted at QCE, 2022
    • Invited Talk on “Software and Architecture for Reliable Quantum Computing” at Georgia Tech Quantum Alliance Workshop, 2022
    • Awarded for the Most Outstanding PhD Dissertation Proposal, Georgia Tech, 2022
    • Our papers LILLIPUT and HAMMER are accepted at ASPLOS, 2022
    • Our paper AFS on quantum error correction is accepted at HPCA, 2022
    • Our papers JigSaw and ADAPT are accepted at MICRO, 2021
    • Selected for the Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship, 2020
    • Our paper on Multi-programming Quantum Computers accepted at MICRO, 2019
    • Awarded Best Paper at Computing Frontiers, 2019
    • Paper on Superconducting Accelerators accepted at Computing Frontiers, 2019

    Spring 2023 Talks

  • EPFL Feb 6
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Feb 17
  • Columbia University Feb 23
  • AMD Research Feb 24
  • HPCA Feb 28
  • APS March Meetings (Invited) Mar 7
  • Carnegie Mellon University Mar 15
  • UC, Los Angeles Mar 21
  • Cornell University Mar 30
  • UT, Austin Apr 4
  • UIUC Apr 12
  • UC, San Diego Apr 24