About Us

Quantum | Engineering@Georgia Tech or Q|E@GT is an interdisciplinary research interest group at Georgia Tech, who are dedicated to create knowledge of quantum engineering.

Quantum engineering is a new interdisciplinary domain that focuses on the realization of quantum technologies, such as quantum computing, quantum information science, quantum network, and quantum sensing. In the recent two decades, quantum computing has emerged as a new computational paradigm to solve difficult engineering and scientific problems, such as materials design, protein folding, nuclear fusion, weather forecast, data mining, artificial intelligence, scheduling, routing, and many others.

The next-generation engineers and scientists need to be familiar with the new computing and information science paradigm, and at the same time can contribute to the advancement of the technologies. There are numerous technical areas that engineers and material scientists can contribute, such as to optimize quantum computers for reliable computation, to design new materials and nanomanufacturing processes for scalable and affordable quantum devices, and to develop new scientific computing and machine learning algorithms that harness quantum computational power.

About the logo <Quantum|Engineering>: Quantum engineering is about how quantum can be projected to and interpreted by the engineering “state” of mind.