🚩Trek Through Tech Scavenger Hunt

Trek Through Tech is a week-long scavenger hunt that explores Tech and the different resources that we have to offer! Join in on other fun events happening during Week of Welcome as you investigate clues and compete against other residents to earn prizes!                

The Scavenger Hunt is hosted on the GooseChase app. The hunt begins on August 12th at noon and runs through August 20th at 11:59 pm. Be sure to join quickly because only the first 1,000 players can participate! There are 1750 points total to earn in the hunt.

🧭Set-Up, Gameplay, & Types of Challenges

To join the Scavenger Hunt, download GooseChase on your iOS or Android device. New to GooseChase? Review how to get started and use the app here. The game code is PBJRG8, and the name of the hunt is “Trek Through Tech.” Since our Scavenger Hunt is designed for individual play, prizes will be distributed to individuals. However, you can still play with others if you’d like!

Each clue or “mission” requires you to submit evidence of completion in one of three forms: picture/video, text, or GPS location. Each mission describes an activity for you to complete or a location to go find on campus, and varying amounts of points (as indicated on each mission) are automatically awarded when evidence is submitted. GPS location and text-based evidence are automatically screened for accuracy. Picture/video evidence is automatically awarded points upon submission but will be reviewed for accuracy by a game moderator within 12 hours. Inaccurate submissions will be rejected—and the points earned from the task deducted. Spam photo/video submissions, inappropriate submissions, and any sort of “point farming” (submitting pictures that are obviously illegitimate submissions to earn points quickly) will result in subsequently stricter point deductions.

You might not know what location each mission is describing right away, and that’s okay! Feel free to use the Internet to aid in your search—we pulled our clues from public information that is easily searchable on various GT websites.

NOTE: Our GooseChase Scavenger Hunt is limited to 1000 players total, so only the first 1000 people who join the game will be able to play.


Reward 1: Free T-Shirt

Collect 1150 points to receive a 100% cotton short sleeve t-shirt! We will be tabling Wednesday, August 17th (time and location is shown on the app) for you to pick up your shirt! Shirts are available on a first-come, first-served basis; we have 250 shirts total—30 S, 60 M, 70 L, 50 XL, 30 XXL, and 10 3XL.

Reward 2: 4 Raffle Tickets

Participants that complete even more of the scavenger hunt and collect 1500 points will receive 4 digital raffle tickets to allocate across our 15 various prizes! Here is the link to the raffle.

  • LEGO Flower Bouquet
  • LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection – London
  • HydroFlask- Light Blue
  • Squishmallow- Carl the Burger 16 inches
  • Portable Table Tennis Set
  • Sunset Lamp
  • Brita Filter Bottle
  • Oil Diffuser
  • JBL Portable Speaker
  • Blanket Sweatshirt- Large
  • Mini Portable Projector
  • Dorm Bedside Shelf
  • Boba Plushie- 12 inches
  • Mini Fjallraven Backpack- Frost Green
  • CONBOLA Desk Fan

Questions or Concerns?

Any questions or concerns regarding the scavenger hunt can be directed to RHA’s Director of Finance, Kylie Wentworth, at rha-dof@housing.gatech.edu. Please email us for accommodation requests or if we can do anything to make you feel more comfortable throughout the event.

Secret Message

Looking to complete the first mission in the Scavenger Hunt? The secret message is “grow, lead, unite” (no quotes).