Awards Received


RHA, our members, and our programs are often the recipient of awards from various Institute, State, Regional, and National organizations—such as Georgia Tech’s President’s Council; the Georgia Residence Hall Organization (GRHO); South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SAACURH); and National Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH)—which seek to honor and recognize the work that our team performs each year. Below is a list of awards that RHA has received.


List of Awards that RHA has Received
YearTitleNomineeAwarded By
2023Program of the YearWest Campus Art FestivalGRHO
2019Burdell's Best Overall EventRHA Welcome WeekPresident's Council
2019Program of the YearGT UniteGRHO
2019Most SpiritedGeorgia Institute of TechnologyGRHO
2018Burdell's Best Collaborative EventGT UnitePresident's Council
2017GRHO Conference HostGeorgia Institute of TechnologyGRHO
2016Danielle McDonald Legacy AwardResidence Hall AssociationPresident's Council
2016Outstanding Campus ImpactResidence Hall AssociationPresident's Council
2014SAACURH No Frills Conference HostGeorgia TechSAACURH
2014Program of the YearMove-In and Welcome WeekGRHO
2013Program of the YearMusic and MocktailsGRHO
2012Best Philanthropy, Runner-UpGeorgia Institute of TechnologySAACURH
2011Student Award for Leadership TrainingGeorgia Institute of TechnologySAACURH
2006SAACURH SEC Member Recognition, Regional DirectorAndrew HowardSAACURH
2005Student Award for Leadership TrainingGeorgia Tech, N.E.R.D. SystemSAACURH
2005SAACURH SEC Member Recognition, Associate Director for Business AdministrationAndrew HowardSAACURH
2005Student Award for Leadership TrainingGeorgia Institute of TechnologyNACURH
2004SAACURH SEC Member Recognition, Associate Director for Business AdministrationRyan SpanierSAACURH
2004Burdell's Best: Outstanding Campus ImpactRHAPresident's Council
2004Burdell's Best: Student Organization of the YearRHAPresident's Council
2004SAACURH Business Conference HostGeorgia TechSAACURH
2002SAACURH NRHH Advisor HostAmeila EldeenSAACURH
1997SAACURH Conference HostGeorgia TechSAACURH
1996Program of the YearThe Snapple PartyGRHO
1996Burdell's Best: Best ActivityRHAPresident's Council
1994Program of the YearCapone's Haunted MansionGRHO
1993Program of the YearThe Freshman ExperienceGRHO
1988SAACURH Silver PinGeorgia TechSAACURH
1987Most Spirit - Large DelegationGeorgia TechSAACURH





Awards Bestowed


Annually, RHA hosts an End of Year Banquet to recognize and celebrate the work of our members and campus partners. At the Banquet, we give out a number of awards, as provided for by our Policy Book. Below is a record of past award recipients, along with a description of what each award is.


Note that our records below are accurate to the best of our knowledge but not complete; many awards have been given out by RHA for decades, but our written records for multiple awards only go back a handful of years. Accordingly, the full history of RHA award recipients is not detailed below.


Presidential Pins

The Presidential Pin of Recognition, established in 2004, is the highest honor one may receive and is given at the Executive President’s discretion. Pins shall be awarded to individuals who have provided leadership and direction in their roles and who have actively participated within RHA or who have assisted the Executive President throughout their term. The Executive President may give out a maximum of five pins per year.

YearPresidentPin Recipients
2023 - 2024Amanda BockSaif Aslam, Ethan Morlu
2022 - 2023Gabriel GaudermanParker Green, Anna Jung, Alexis Bateh, Dr. Jenny Cotton, Larry T. Brown
2021 - 2022Bryan GomezIvana Uzoka, Jaylon Jackson, Connor Dizor, Brett Hulst, Katie Roberts
2020 - 2021Sara BowlesDr. Jenny Cotton, Kelly O'Neal, Joseph Conroy, Madelyn Johnson, Sun Graham
2019 - 2020Emmett MiskellKelly O'Neal, Andres Reyes, Erika DeAndrade, Dr. Kasey Helton, Chris Taylor
2018 - 2019Shelby ConwayKellie Tracy, Emily Buchanan, Jey Britto, Samuel Derry, Sammy Otoo
2017 - 2018Alice FrancisKeshav Vasudeva, Bruno Santos, Yujia Xie, Matt Hall
2016 - 2017Erikzzon LatojaLee Griner, Jeremy Brown, Sarah Strohmenger, Alice Francis, Kenny Crane-Moscow
2015 - 2016Michaela BartramJeremiah Robertson, Kevin Low, Larry T. Brown, Ben Rapsas, John Stafford
2014 - 2015Michael CherecwichTaylor Curtiss, Madison Dorminey, Jerry Cherry, Andrew Howard
2013 - 2014Pamela SandersMegan Ramsey, Jeff Nam, George Vallaringattu, Erikzzon Latoja, Michaela Bartram
2012 - 2013Joey SlaterPamela Sanders, Kenneth Hughes, George Macon, Michael O'Neal, Janvi Chawla
2011 - 2012Mathias RostJoey Slater, Charles Cloud, Sandy Manges, Jason Molargik, Alex Becking
2010 - 2011Parul KapurEmily Robey-Phillips, Emily Douglas, Grant McFerrin
2009 - 2010Elliot MorkDavid Moroniti, Michael Stewart, Mathias Rost
2008 - 2009Elliot MorkRick McKeon, Raphael Rose, Stephen Condon, Alex Whitney
2005 - 2006Sarah HancockNabil Taha, Tim Gallagher, Matt Paul, Andrew Howard, Jeff Wei
2004 - 2005Andrew HowardTim Gallagher, Kevin Kung, David Fernandes, Sarah Hancock, Stephanie Johnson
2003 - 2004Andrew HowardMegan Lutz, Ryan Spanier, Frank Park, David Fernandes, Matt Pringle


Community Council of the Year (CCOTY)

This award recognizes an outstanding Community Council that has demonstrated dedication to quality programming, leadership development, and representation of their resident body over the course of a year.

2023 - 2024Eighth Street
2022 - 2023North Avenue Apartments
2021 - 2022West Village
2020 - 2021Third Street
2019 - 2020International House, Matheson, Perry
2018 - 2019International House, Matheson, Perry
2017 - 2018Towers/Hanson
2016 - 2017Matheson/Perry/FSA/Hayes
2015 - 2016North Avenue North
2014 - 2015Crecine & Eighth Street East
2013 - 2014Eight Street South & West
2012 - 2013Matheson/Perry/Hanson
2011 - 2012North Avenue South & West
2010 - 2011Glenn
2009 - 2010Glenn
2008 - 2009Glenn/Hopkins
2007 - 2008Brown/Howell
2006 - 2007Fitten/Freeman/Montag
2005 - 2006Harris
2004 - 2005Harris
2003 - 2004Harris
2002 - 2003Eighth Street Apts
2001 - 2002Folk/Fitten
2000 - 2001Graduate Living Center
1999 - 2000Hemphill
1998 - 1999Area II
1997 - 1998Cloudman/Glenn
1996 - 1997Eighth Street Apts
1995 - 1996Eighth Street Apts
1994 - 1995Graduate Living Center
1993 - 1994Harrison
1992 - 1993Techwood
1991 - 1992Towers/Harrison


Community Council Officers (CCOs) of the Year

Each year, RHA recognizes one person per Community Council Officer role who exemplifies what it means to serve as an CCO in that specific role. As the composition of Community Councils has changed over the years, the “CCOs of the Year” differ from year to year with the changing positions in Community Councils.

2023 - 2024Meetings CoordinatorNathan Morlu
2023 - 2024Communications CoordinatorGretchen Hinger
2023 - 2024Finance CoordinatorVenhil Rangaraman
2023 - 2024Programming CoordinatorMarissa Mandir
2022 - 2023Meetings CoordinatorHaily Vo
2022 - 2023Communications CoordinatorJessica Keith
2022 - 2023Finance CoordinatorAnna Fraser
2022 - 2023Events CoordinatorMireya Ramirez
2021 - 2022Meetings CoordinatorJamar Sequeira
2021 - 2022Communications CoordinatorEsty Kahvazadeh
2021 - 2022Finance CoordinatorKylie Wentworth
2021 - 2022Events CoordinatorCelina Wu
2020 - 2021Meetings CoordinatorGabe Gauderman
2020 - 2021Communications CoordinatorClark Mahaffey
2020 - 2021Finance CoordinatorAnna Jung
2020 - 2021Events CoordinatorSun Graham
2019 - 2020Meetings ChairRachna Sahasrabudhe
2019 - 2020Communications ChairMaria Costa
2019 - 2020Finance ChairDavid Cornell
2019 - 2020Events ChairAndrea Reyes-Rodriguez
2019 - 2020Marketing ChairAna Shim
2019 - 2020Meetings CoordinatorErika deAndrade
2019 - 2020Finance CoordinatorAlyssa Gholston
2019 - 2020Events CoordinatorKelsey Henson
2018 - 2019Meetings ChairAndrew McGraw
2018 - 2019Communications ChairJosie Benner
2018 - 2019Finance ChairBrendan Mindiak
2018 - 2019Events ChairJulianne Schneider
2018 - 2019Marketing ChairJacob Chestnut
2018 - 2019Meetings CoordinatorSharif Cisse
2018 - 2019Finance CoordinatorMichael Ferrans
2018 - 2019Events CoordinatorAhn-Tu Mai
2017 - 2018Meetings ChairJustin Speregen
2017 - 2018Communications ChairJordan Baxter
2017 - 2018Finance ChairSydney Weisenburger
2017 - 2018Programs TeamSammy Otoo and Jacob Parker
2017 - 2018Meetings CoordinatorSavannah Horner
2017 - 2018Finance CoordinatorChris Wang
2017 - 2018Events CoordinatorAhn-Tu Mai
2016 - 2017PresidentSamantha Morgan
2016 - 2017Vice PresidentRaj Patel
2016 - 2017SecretaryKaran Khosla
2016 - 2017TreasurerBrighton Ancelin
2016 - 2017Programs ChairShelby Conway
2016 - 2017Meetings CoordinatorGiuliana Stovall
2016 - 2017Finance CoordinatorHana Zean Li
2016 - 2017Events CoordinatorBruno Santos


Gary J. Schwarzmueller Service Award

Established in 1985, this award, named after Gary Schwarzmueller, past Georgia Tech Department of Housing Director, recognizes distinguished service and dedication to the Residence Hall Association, with a focus on campus-wide RHA involvement over the course of a year.

2024 SpringJosh Jones
2023 FallErin Keough
2023 SpringVeronica Sills
2022 FallAnthony Semenova
2022 SpringAnant Girdhar
2021 SpringKatie Roberts
2019 SpringBryan Gomez
2018 SpringHannah Erikson
2018 SpringBruno Santos
2018 FallMadison Dorminey
2017 SpringMuhammad Safwan
2017 SpringKellie Tracy
2016 SpringAlice Francis
2015 FallSriram Ganesan
2015 FallYujia "Shai" Xie
2014 SpringKevin Low
2013 SpringMegan Ramsey
2013 FallRaine Hayes
2012 SpringCorey Holman
2012 FallMichaela Bartran
2012 FallJeremiah Robertson
2011 SpringHans Reichenbach
2011 FallFabian Schwittlinsky
2010 SpringBinbin Chen
2009 SpringAlex Whitney
2009 FallHamilton Shu
2008 SpringAdam Weiss
2008 FallAlex Whitney
2006 SpringWryen Meek
2006 FallMartha Lesniewski
2005 SpringEmily Taylor
2005 FallTobey Fowler
2004 SpringNabil Taha
2004 FallKevin Kung
2003 FallSarah Hancock
2002 SpringDan Porter
2002 FallAaron Wroblewski
2001 SpringJason Hurley
2001 FallWhitney Hagan
2000 FallErik Gordon
1999 WinterDan O'Toole
1999 SpringLeila Tolle
1999 FallJoni Lakin
1998 SpringJ.R. Spriggle
1998 FallShiva Persaud
1997 WinterJennifer Osborne
1997 SpringHemanth Meka
1997 FallSasha Blocka
1996 WinterCarrie Greene
1996 SpringChristina Robinson
1996 FallHunt McDannald
1995 WinterHeather Hopkins
1995 SpringBob Johnston
1995 FallMeredith Moore
1994 SpringStacie Aversano
1994 FallAnthony Lewis
1993 WinterHubert Ma
1993 FallCheryl Norwood
1992 SpringJohn Callahan
1992 FallSteve Amill


Seth M. Grue Appreciation Award

Established in 2004, this award, named after Seth M. Grue, past Georgia Tech Residence Hall Association Advisor, recognizes distinguished service and dedication to the Residence Hall Association over the course of a year by a Georgia Tech Administrator, Faculty, or Staff Member.

2023 - 2024Alison Southern
2022 - 2023Holly Shikano
2021 - 2022Nichole Tokunaga
2020 - 2021Brian Cochran
2019 - 2020Dr. Kasey Helton
2018 - 2019Patrick Rosengrant
2017 - 2018Josh Skillman
2016 - 2017Melissa Moore
2014 - 2015Christopher L. Ruiz
2011 - 2012Miles Edison
2011 - 2012Sharon Serrano-Ahmed
2006 - 2007Rosalind Meyers
2005 - 2006Gail DiSabatino
2004 - 2005Jameson Moschella
2003 - 2004Holly Shikano


Alexander C. Becking Advisor of the Year

This award, named after Alexander C. Becking, former RHA advisor, recognizes an outstanding advisor that demonstrated exceptional mentorship, leadership development, and advisement to their residents and Community Council.

2023 - 2024Crystal Hodge
2022 - 2023Rebecca Skumatz
2021 - 2022Connor Dizor
2020 - 2021Amber Stultz
2019 - 2020Amber Stultz
2018 - 2019Meredith Levine
2017 - 2018Patrick Rosengrant
2016 - 2017Benito Nieves
2015 - 2016Matt Hall
2014 - 2015Jerry Cherry
2013 - 2014Mandy Garcia
2012 - 2013Mike Jones
2011 - 2012Sherry Grace
2011 - 2012Hannah Severtson
2010 - 2011Joe Slade
2009 - 2010Christopher Ruiz
2008 - 2009Vicky Dean
2007 - 2008Sena Spofford
2006 - 2007Sena LaPean
2005 - 2006Teresa Piekarski
2004 - 2005Teresa Piekarski


RA of the Year

Established in 2004, this award recognizes distinguished service and dedication to the Residence Hall Association over the course of a year by a Georgia Tech Department of Housing and Residence Life Resident Assistant.

2023 - 2024May Kalnik
2022 - 2023May Kalnik
2021 - 2022Eva Duvaris
2020 - 2021Anant Girdhar
2019 - 2020Bryan Gomez
2018 - 2019Briana Anderson
2017 - 2018Casen Wolinsky
2016 - 2017Kush Patel
2015 - 2016Amal Punnoose
2014 - 2015Garren Boggs
2013 - 2014Georgia Vellaringattu
2012 - 2013Shelby Morris
2011 - 2012Sandy Manges
2010 - 2011Simon Turgeon
2009 - 2010Stewart Wilkins
2008 - 2009Jessica deRenzy & Kyla Rogers
2007 - 2008Connor Tolbert
2006 - 2007Ben Keyserling
2005 - 2006Gretchen Fahner
2004 - 2005Whitney Hagan
2003 - 2004Marcus Smith


Program of the Year

This award recognizes an outstanding program that demonstrated exceptional benefit to residents. Programs directly created, passed, and executed by the residents and Coordinating Officers of the Community Council will be taken into account with more weight than programs organized by the Department of Housing and Residence Life Staff and/or outside organizations.

YearHall CouncilProgram
2023 - 2024West Village, Nelson-ShellRamadan Iftar Event
2020 - 2021Burger Bowl, West Village, Curran, Stamps, and HemphillWest Campus Food Truck Rally
2019 - 2020Graduate and FamilyLunar New Year
2018 - 2019Hefner ArmstrongChicks and Waffles
2017 - 2018Center Street ApartmentsLan Party
2016 - 2017Crecine & Eighth Street EastGT FEUD


Bronze Pins

Bronze Pins are awarded for exceptional contribution to the organization and its objectives. They may be distributed by the following positions: Executive President, Director of Development, Director of Administration, Director of Communication, Director of Finance, Director of Programming, RHA Advisor.

2023 - 2024Nathan Morlu, Priscilla Pierre, Alexis Bateh, Jackie Sullivan, Grad & Family
2022 - 2023Amanda Bock, Reethika Digumarthy​, Steven Baker, Erin Keough, Rahul Deshpande
2021 - 2022Emmarose Stern, Grad & Family Community, Alexis Bateh, Aya Samadi, D'Andrea Jones
2020 - 2021Lily Szczesniak, Meredith Levine, Jason Sodikin, Kimberly Grant, Kumru Kocaman
2019 - 2020Emily Buchanan, John Rumble, Maria Costa, Kinnera Banda, Lucas Nguyen, Quenesha Humes
2018 - 2019James Allen Jr., Spencer Kee, Alex Crolais, Marina Martin, Mary Zhou
2017 - 2018Ariane Stark, Siddu Dussa, Jordan Baxter, Madison Dorminey, Briana Anderson, Sheree Gibson
2016 - 2017Selen Krgo, Elizabeth Krakovski, Benito Nieves, Melissa Moore, Aaron Ranallo, Samantha Morgan
2015 - 2016Scott Nealon, Sriram Ganesan, Jin Bae, Clark Meng, Aditya Sharma, Michaela Bartram
2014 - 2015Josh Contreras, Raine Hayes, Sabrina Moin, Ryan Birmingham, Shierly Fok, Jeremiah Robertson
2013 - 2014Zak Kalemba, Brandon Foley, George Macon, Sean Csukas, Kevin Kapoor, Pamela Sanders, Jeff Nam, Matty Attokaren


Leadership Track Graduates

The Larry T. Brown RHA Leadership Track, named after RHA’s current Advisor, is a comprehensive leadership development program for residents, RAs, Community Council Officers, and RHA Executive Branch members. Below is a list of everybody who has completed the program in its entirety.

2023 - 2024Ethan Morlu, Nathan Morlu, Jalana Smith, Amanda Bock
2022 - 2023Gabe Gauderman, Parker Green, Anna Jung, Jamar Sequeira
2021 - 2022Kylie Wentworth, Esty Kahvazadeh
2020 - 2021Bryan Gomez
2019 - 2020Bryan Gomez, Ana Shin, Shelby Strickland, Andrea Reyes-Rodriguez, Maria Costa, Sharath Palathingal, Andrew Norlin
2018 - 2019Taylor Dingler, Bryan Gomez, Sally Hedrick, Emily Buchanan, Sara Dickinson, Sara Bowles, Lindsay Shurtz, Alex Crolais, Andrew McGraw, Josie Benner, Ian Kohli, Toral Patel, Braxton Madison, William Carty, Shelby Conway
2017 - 2018Ariane Stark, David Zhou, John Huang, Jordan Baxter, Briana Anderson, Sammy Otoo, Hannah Levy, Abigail Gutierrez-Ray, Felipe Godoy
2016 - 2017Brighton Ancelin, Kellie Tracy, Kenny Crane-Moscowitz, Casen Wolinksy, Kathleen Hartwell


Stoles of Service

Stoles of Service

2023 - 2024Amanda Bock, Jessica Keith, Avalyn Mullikin, Veronica Sills, Micah Washington
2022 - 2023Anna, Brianna, Esty, Kylie, Rahul, Erin, Alexis Bateh, Jamar Sequeira, Parker, Haily Vo