Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Executive Board

The RHA Executive Board is responsible for leading the organization in its goal of building community and enhancing the lives of residents. Their responsibilities include advocating for residents to the Department of Housing and Residence Life and other organizations, working with Hall Councils to plan events in and around residence halls, planning for the future of the organization, and facilitating the day-to-day operations of RHA.

Gabe Gauderman

Executive President

Bio: Gabe Gauderman is a third-year Electrical Engineering major from Minnetonka, Minnesota. He previously held the position of Director of Programming for RHA after being Meetings Coordinator for Third Street Hall Council. Outside of RHA, Gabe is also a member of the National Residence Hall Honorary. In his free time, Gabe enjoys weightlifting, swimming, ultimate frisbee, and volunteering around campus.

Oversees: Day-to-day operations of the organization, strategic planning, advocacy, and personnel

Kylie Wentworth

Director of Finance

Bio: Kylie Wentworth is a second-year Business Administration major with a concentration in Finance from Lawrenceville, Georgia. She started RHA during her first year as finance coordinator for West Village hall council (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022). She is also an active member of the National Residence Hall Honorary. Outside of RHA, Kylie likes to play soccer and bake tons of desserts. She also enjoys fashion and thrifting!

Oversees: Finances, reimbursements, and financial policy

Larry T. Brown

Primary Advisor

Bio: Larry T. Brown is the Coordinator for Leadership and Advising in the area of Staff and Community Development and a great part of his responsibilities is to be the Advisor of the Residence Hall Association and the National Residence Hall Honorary. He is a graduate of Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus, GA with a BS in Chemistry and an MBA in Management. He enjoys traveling, teaching group fitness classes, entertaining friends via social events and spending time with friends and family. As Advisor, he has a passion for assisting students in tapping into their leadership potential, develop their transferable skills and making a difference in the community they serve. Larry T. also works consistently with the Advisors of the Hall Councils keeping them informed on organizational matters, providing developmental opportunities, and setting expectations throughout the year. Larry T. can be found in the Staff & Community Development suite in the North Avenue Apartments West Building.

Anna Jung

Director of Development

Bio: Anna Jung is a third-year Aerospace Engineering major with a minor in Energy Systems from Springfield, Ohio. She began her involvement with RHA as a first-year, serving as the Finance Coordinator for West Village in Fall 2020. She was subsequently awarded Finance Coordinator of the year in Spring 2021 and was inducted into the National Residence Hall Honorary. In her second year, Anna served as a Resident Assistant in Nelson-Shell. Anna is excited to come back to RHA for another year and serve with the Executive Board as the Director of Development. During her free time, Anna enjoys spending time at her family’s farm in Ohio, fishing, playing golf, and watching movies. 

Oversees: Hall Council operations, training, leadership development, and special projects

Esty Kahvazadeh

Director of Communication

Bio: Esty Kahvazadeh is a second-year Industrial Engineering major from Milton, GA. she got involved in RHA in her first year as the 2021-2022 Communication Coordinator for West Village Hall Council. She is also an active member of NRHH and a marketing and communications student assistant for the EXPLORE LLC. Outside of RHA, Esty loves the outdoors, especially picnics, hiking, and camping. She also loves music, art, and her dog, Peppa.

Oversees: Communications, marketing, and NACURH/SAACURH relationships

Brianna Rudolph

Director of Administration

Bio: Brianna Rudolph is a third-year Computer Science major from Atlanta, Georgia. She first became involved in RHA in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, serving as the Communications Coordinator for Eighth Street. Outside of RHA, Brianna is a part of GT Girls Who Code, whose mission is to teach middle and high school girls coding skills in the Greater Atlanta Area. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, dancing, volunteering, and traveling.

Oversees: RHA website, record-keeping, internal IT and infrastructure

Parker Green

Director of Programming

Bio: Parker Green is a third-year Business Administration and Mathematics major from Canton, Georgia. He started RHA during his second-year as finance coordinator for Eighth Street hall council. Parker is excited to return to RHA for another year and serve with the Executive Board as the Director of Programming. Outside of RHA, Parker likes to clean and eat pizza. He also enjoys Dungeons and Dragons and sarcasm, acting as the secretary of the D&D Club.

Oversees: Large scale event planning, initiatives, and event resources