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Governing Documents

RHA maintains two main Governing Documents: our Constitution and our Policy Book. These documents prescribe the structure, organization, policies, and operations of the organization, and they can only be changed by passing legislation through Legislative Council.

Constitution â–¼

The Constitution is the chartering document of RHA and outlines the membership, purpose, structure, and responsibilities of the organization and its members. The Constitution provides a general, basic framework for the organization and is designed to be consistent from year to year and difficult to change. The Constitution can only be amended by a three-quarters vote of the entire Legislative Council, and an amendment bill must be tabled for at least one week before passage. Proposed changes to the Constitution are sent to the entire residential body for review.

Policy Book â–¼

The Policy Book is the comprehensive source of all RHA policies—financial and otherwise—and outlines specific procedures that residents, RAs, and Community Council Officers interface with when they interact with RHA on a day-to-day basis. The Policy Book is significantly larger and more detailed than the Constitution, and it’s designed to be easier to adapt and change from year to year as needs within the organization change. The Policy Book can be amended by a two-thirds vote of the entire Legislative Council, and an amendment bill must be tabled for at least one week before passage. Proposed changes to the Policy Book are not communicated to the entire residential body directly.


Supporting Documents

In addition to our main Governing Documents, RHA maintains several other documents that specify and direct internal procedures and operations. These documents are unlike Governing Documents in that they are not pieces of legislation voted on by representative bodies but rather documents created by the Executive Branch and/or the Department of Housing and Residence Life to facilitate operations. These are reference guides, but they are not policy, per se.

Budget â–¼

The Residence Hall Association’s annual budget details the funding allocated toward our organization from the Department of Housing and Residence Life. All on-campus residents are subject to an RHA Fee, and fee directly funds local Community Council operations and internal RHA operations. The budget allocations are requested by the prior year’s Executive Board and subject to approval by HRL. For questions regarding RHA’s Budget, please contact the current Director of Finance.

Memorandum of Understanding â–¼

The Memorandum of Understanding is a mutual agreement between the Residence Hall Association and the Department of Housing and Residence Life regarding the mutual relationship between the two entities, including details on goals, compensation, and logistical operations. The Memorandum of Understanding is reviewed on an annual basis.

With the recent and upcoming changes to the organization, the old Memorandum of Understanding has become outdated, and is not currently a supported document. For questions regarding RHA’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Housing and Residence Life, please contact the current Executive President.

Job Descriptions â–¼

The RHA Executive Branch also maintains a set of Job Descriptions for each position within the Executive Board and Cabinet. These documents are internal mutual agreements regarding expectations and division of responsibilities among the Executive Branch. These are fluid documents that can be adjusted throughout the year as deemed necessary, but are referenced when evaluating Executive Branch member performance. Executive Board Job Descriptions are drafted by the prior year Executive Board before Executive Elections and are finalized among the new Board shortly after elections are completed. Executive Cabinet Job Descriptions are written annually based on the composition of members determined by the current Executive Board. For questions regarding RHA’s Job Descriptions, please contact the current Executive President.


RHA Leadership Track

The Larry T. Brown RHA Leadership Track is a great way to recognize and formalize all the great leadership opportunities that serving as a leader in residence life has to offer. View the Leadership Track here, and log your activity here.


RHA Resource Room

RHA’s Resource Room is a library of fun! Located within Eighth Street Apartments, the Resource Room is full of board/video/lawn games, art materials, plastic utensils, and randomness galore! RAs, CCOs, HDs, RSOs, and other Georgia Tech departments can check out and use items from our Resource Room at no charge. Click here to place a reservation through our Resource Room.

Is there something that the Resource Room should invest in and have on hand? Email to request a new purchase for the Resource Room.



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