Overview: Scenario Two

Activity Title: An Academic Institution Decides on an AI Admissions App


A technology company has approached a state university about an app that is in the testing phase of development. Before deciding on whether to use the app, state and university policies stipulate that the convening of a committee must occur in any situation involving the selection of a vendor whose product could substantially impact campus culture or practice.  The committee must be diverse in terms of representing different interests across the campus.  In this particular case, a collection of stakeholders, serving on the committee, must meet to review the company’s proposal and provide a recommendation to the campus president regarding the admissions app.  View full scenario…


Each participant is assigned a stakeholder role. There are nine roles in total–Director of the Admissions Office; Computing Professor with specialization in Artificial Intelligence; Computing Professor with specialization in Privacy; Student Government Representative; Office of Diversity and Inclusion Director; Reader for the Admissions Office; High School Guidance Counselor; Financial Aid Director; and Alumnus.  View role descriptions…


The role play scenario is designed to be used in a range of course types and sizes. At least two hours of class time is recommended for the activity, but it can be compressed into one class period, especially if students are provided with the scenario and assigned roles prior to class time. The activity is broken into three phases, with options to incorporate additional ethics content at various points.  View teaching guide…


In addition to the support provided by Mozilla’s Responsible Computer Science Challenge, the project team would like to acknowledge the contributions of Georgia Tech colleagues Richard Clark and Ashok Goel who reviewed a draft version of Scenario Two.

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