Scenario Two: Role 2. Computing Professor with specialization in AI

AI algorithms are central to the admissions app. As a computing professor with expertise in artificial intelligence, you understand that these algorithms are developed and tested using examples, and that the closer the examples are to the target population, the more likely the software will work well for the particular context. You are aware that systems for face detection perform much worse on people who are not White/Caucasian. Nonetheless, you generally believe that if designed carefully, AI could assist or complement human effort with many tasks.

As a computing professor specializing in AI, your main points of prioritization are:

  • Explaining the basics of algorithm design and testing.
  • Describing the benefits and limitations of AI algorithms.
  • Explaining what types of bias might arise due to algorithm limitations or limitations with the data sets used to train algorithms.
  • Describing ways in which this product could complement human efforts.