Scenario Two: Role 5. Office of Diversity and Inclusion Director

The university’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion Director is responsible for identifying priorities, policies, programs, and initiatives that advance the university’s mission.  This mission includes having a diverse population of faculty, staff, and students.  The admission process has an important role to play given that it determines who is going to be part of the next class of students attending the university.

As the university’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion Director, your main points of prioritization include:

  • Evaluating whether the admissions process is inclusive and allows for a diverse range of students to attend the university.
  • Evaluating whether students with disabilities will have the opportunity to attend the university.
  • Determining whether the use of the company’s app might contribute to or undermine the goals of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Ensuring that the app incorporates the experiences of different demographics into its development and design.