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Richard Catrambone

Ph.D. Experimental Psychology
University of Michigan

Professor, School of Psychology
Member of the Graphics, Visualization, and Usability (GVU) Center

Past Chair of the Cognitive Science Society

I received a BA from Grinnell College in 1982 and a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Michigan in 1988.

My research interests include:

      • Creating examples to help learners form meaningful and generalizable solution procedures. We have explored this issue in domains ranging from probability physics to ballet.
      • The use of task analysis techniques for identifying what a person needs to learn in order to solve problems or carry out procedures in some domain.
      • Using information from task analyses to guide the construction of teaching and training materials including computer-based (multimedia) instructional environments.
      • Exploring technology such as animations and embodied conversational agents (ECAs) for improving interfaces and helping people learn and carry out tasks more easily.
      • Analogical Reasoning


      • Association for Psychological Science
      • Cognitive Science Society (Governing Board Member 2011-2016; Society Chair 2014-2015)
      • Psychonomic Society

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      • Human Factors
      • Human-Computer Interaction
      • Instructional Design
      • Educational Technology


        • Analysis of the cognitive requirements involved in operating a small unmanned ground vehicle (a robot). A subgoal-oriented task analysis was conducted to identify procedures, the cognitive load involved in carrying them out, and the implications for the design of training materials to teach people to operate the robot.
        • Conducted workshop on task analysis for the Army Maneuver Center of Excellence.
        • Analysis of complex computer-based Army digital system. Purpose was to develop subgoal-oriented task analysis that could be used to guide trainers and instructional designers for the system.
        • Retained in connection with federal criminal prosecution and regulatory enforcement actions against former New York Stock Exchange specialists in order to identify the cognitive errors likely to occur in a complex trading environment. Prepared report and provided expert testimony in SEC regulatory proceeding.
        • Design and testing of materials for a Head Start program. Conducted task analysis on the materials and recommended changes based on the analysis.
        • Evaluation of a computer-based advice system for design tasks. Evaluated interface for ease of use and evaluated advice for clarity and correctness based on task analysis.

Frequently Taught Courses

      • Psyc 1101 General Psychology
      • Psyc 4011 Cognitive Psychology
      • Psyc 7011 Graduate Seminar in Problem Solving

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      • Phone Number : +1 404-894-2680
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