• CGP: Composite Gaussian Process Models by Ba and Joseph (paper #46).
  • doit: Design of Experiments-based Interpolation Technique by Stefan Siegert (papers #45, 47).
  • MaxPro: Maximum Projection Designs by Ba and Joseph (papers #57, 72). See also JMP14, FFF option under Space-Filling Designs.
  • mined: Minimum Energy Designs by Wang and Joseph (papers #55,73).
  • minimaxdesign: Minimax and Minimax Projection Designs by Simon Mak (paper #63).
  • support: Support Points by Simon Mak (paper #67).
  • TAG: Transformed Additive Gaussian Process (paper #75).
  • SPlit: split a dataset for training and testing by Vakayil, Joseph, and Mak.
  • supercompress: supervised compression of big data by Huang and Joseph.