* : work accomplished at Georgia Institute of Technology
Boldface: student author
_ : authorship of Shihao Yang

Published and Accepted Journal Articles

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    ^ Joint corresponding author
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    ^ Joint corresponding author
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    ^ Equal contribution
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Conference Presentation with Proceedings (Refereed)

  1. * Yim, N. Kim, S. Yang, B. Montreuil, “Data-Driven Prediction of Demand in a Pandemic for Critical Consumables Over a Shared Distribution Network”, IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings; Norcross (2021): 788-793.

Submitted Journal Articles

  1. * C. Huang, Ma, S. Yang, “MAGI-X: Manifold-Constrained Gaussian Process Inference for Unknown System Dynamics”, AISTATS 2022. Submitted Oct 2021. Under Review.

Articles In Preparation

  1. * Y. Sun, Yang, “Manifold-constrained Gaussian process inference for time-varying parameters in dynamic systems”, Journal of the American Statistical Association. (to be submitted)
  2. * S. Ma, Yang, “COVID-19 Forecasts Using Internet Search Information in the United States”, Journal of Medical Internet Research. Submitted Jun 2021. (to be submitted)
  3. * P. Protter, Q. Wu, S. Yang, “Order Book Queue Hawkes-Markovian Modeling”, SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics. (to be submitted)