Dictionary data structures, such as B-trees [1970], binary trees (e.g., red-black trees [1978]), Packed Memory Arrays [1981], maintain a representation of a set of keys or key-value pairs. Such data structures are one of the fundamental topics in computer science and have been widely used and studied in the context of efficient storage systems, databases, graph processing, among many other applications.

There have been many interesting recent developments at the intersection of theory and practice on parallel and concurrent data structures including new settings, models, and applications. The goal of this workshop is to cover some of these topics, including batch-parallel data structures, multiversioning in concurrent data structures, and dynamic data structures on the GPU.

Organized by: Helen Xu and Laxman Dhulipala


The primary goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers at the forefront of research in parallel and concurrent data structures and make the community (both theory and applications) aware of recent developments. This will help facilitate discussion of open research questions and interactions to tackle those questions.


Saturday, June 17, 2024





Code of Conduct

The workshop follows the ACM Policy on Harassment and Discrimination.