The Summer Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (STACC) workshop is a 2-week pedagogical workshop hosted by the theoretical chemistry professors at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech). The objective of this workshop is to introduce younger undergraduate students with no prior experience in theoretical and computational chemistry to this diverse research area through lectures and hands-on training. The workshop will provide students with the knowledge and training to make informed decisions about future classes and research experiences later in their undergraduate career. In addition, participants in the workshop will be stronger applicants for future opportunities, such as REU research programs and graduate school.


Program Information:

The STACC workshop will be held purely virtually; this allows a large number of students from all across the country to easily participate in the workshop. Each day of the workshop consists of two lectures and a computational lab. One lecture will cover the practical skills needed to complete the computational lab. The other lecture will cover how the techniques from the lab are utilized in real research projects and how they fit into the larger picture of theoretical chemistry. Students will be taught how to perform calculations in various areas of computational chemistry, such as classical molecular dynamics, electronic structure theory, and quantum dynamics. Lectures will be given by the various theoretical chemistry professors at GA Tech, including Profs. J. C. Gumbart, Joshua Kretchmer, Jesse McDaniel, and David Sherrill.


Program Summary:

Dates: 2 weeks from May 23-June 3

Format: Purely virtual. Two lectures and a computational lab per day.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2022 at 5 pm Eastern

Contact: jkretchmer@gatech.edu