Congratulations! You’ve unlocked a new set of online degrees!

Published April 1, 2017

Based on the success of our Online Master of Science in Computer Science and our Online Master of Science in Analytics, Georgia Tech is proud to offer a new collection of online masters degrees.

NOTE: If you have arrived at this website by entering the well-known Konami Code on a Georgia Tech website, you are automatically enrolled in your choice of the degree programs below, tuition free!

College of Computing: Master of Science in Machine Forgetting

College of Computing LogoWith recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, there are valid concerns that our networked computer systems know too much.  In response to this, the College of Computing will be offering an online Master of Science in Machine Forgetting.  This degree will teach you to leverage advanced cybersecurity techniques to randomly delete massive amounts data.  If you are successful, we expect to hear High Performance Computing systems say something like “Shit, where did I put my keys?”   We can’t tell you anything else or “they” will figure it out, so everything related to this degree will be 256-bit AES encrypted, including this important message:


which you can decrypt at assuming you know (or can guess) the right password.  For a hint, email Dr. Loof Lirpa, Assistant Vice Provost of Online Master’s Degrees.

SPECIAL COURSE AVAILABLE SOON:  A Big Data Analysis of Freeways with Gaps.

College of Design: Master of Science in Digital Squiggles

Students in the College of Design learn that details matter.  In particular, whether you’re designing a logo, a new chair, or an iconic building to grace the Midtown skyline, you need the right curves.  Just ask Nike.  Seriously, just do it.  If you get a Master of Science in Digital Squiggles you’ll always know which part of that weird French curve tool to use.

SPECIAL COURSE AVAILABLE SOON:  Urban Transportation Planning in the Absence of Bridges.

College of Engineering: Master of Science in Gadgets

College of Engineering logoThe College of Engineering is proud to offer a hands-on degree using project based learning methods and leveraging our makerspaces. In order to earn your Master of Science in Gadgets you will be given a 28 gallon crate full of miscellaneous broken electronics, cables, machines, and tools.  You must fix at least 70% of them to get the degree.  If you manage to turn them into a self-flying car, you will get a PhD and a free lunch with Elon Musk.

SPECIAL COURSE AVAILABLE SOON:  Rapid Construction:  How to 3D Print a Bridge.

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts: Master of Science in Killer Robot Policies

Ivan Allen College logoGeorgia Tech has a thriving college focused on the Humanities and Liberal Arts.  Our new interdisciplanary Master of Science in Killer Robot Policies combines the Ivan Allen College’s Human-Computer Interaction and Public Policy expertise.  The three laws of robotics are inadequate in the age of advanced AI like Siri, Watson, and Alexa.  We’re pretty sure our phones are trying to kill us.  Get this degree, and help shape how that will happen.

SPECIAL COURSE AVAILABLE SOON:  The Psychology of Road Rage Amid the Angst of the Infinite Commute.

Scheller College of Business: Master of Science in Management of Online Degrees

Scheller College of Business LogoThe Scheller College of Business is focused on helping our students navigate the rapidly changing world of business.  We are proud to offer an online Master of Science in Management of Online Degrees.  Do you have too many online degrees, and no easy way to keep track of them?  Then this online degree is exactly what you need!  You’ll even learn how to color code them so you know which ones came from real universities, and which ones carried malware.

SPECIAL COURSE AVAILABLE SOON:  Building Bridges – the Key to Business Success.

College of Sciences: Master of Science in Hymenoptera

College of Sciences logoThe College of Sciences will combine the success of our Urban Honeybee Project with our awesome mascot Buzz, by offering the first ever Master of Science in Hymenoptera.  Among other things, you will learn that a yellow jacket is not a bee!  In lieu of a thesis, you may genetically modify yourself to grow your own wings.  If you get this degree, you’ll be treated like a queen.

SPECIAL COURSE AVAILABLE SOON:  Interstate Mathematics, How To Turn a Freeway into an Imaginary Number, a.k.a. I85 to 85i.

Dr. Loof LirpaFor further information on any of these programs, please contact:
Dr. Loof Lirpa, Assistant Vice Provost of Online Master’s Degrees
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