PhD in Sustainable Systems Engineering

Sample Curriculum for Industrial Engineering PhD students

Industrial Engineering Methods Group 1 (2)

ISyE 6661 Linear Optimization

ISyE 6662 Discrete Optimization

Industrial Engineering Methods Group 2 (2)

ISyE 6402 Time Series Analysis

ISyE 8813 Game Theory

Industrial Engineering Domain (3)

ISyE 6203 Transportation and Supply Chain Systems

ISyE 6230 Economic Decision Analysis

ISyE 8813 Life Cycle Assessment

Technical Electives (3)

ECE 6320 Power Systems Control and Operation

ECE 6322 Power System Planning and Reliability

ChBE 8803 Chemical Engineering of Energy Systems

Sustainability Minor. Select Three (3)

ISyE/PUBP 6701 Energy Technology and Policy

PUBP 6312 Economics of Environmental Policy

ECON 6380 Economics of the Environment

CEE 6345 Sustainable Engineering

PUBP 6350 Energy Policy and Markets

EAS 6130 Earth System Modeling

EAS 6135 Introduction to Complex Environmental Systems

EAS 6500 Climate and Global Change


VT’s Current and Recent Courses

  • Life Cycle Analysis (ISyE 8813, open to all GT graduate students) Spring 2024 (syllabus)
  • Energy Technology and Policy (graduate course cross listed in ISYE and PUBP) Spring 2024 (syllabus)
  • Energy, Efficiency, and Sustainability (undergraduate ISYE course) Spring 2023 (syllabus)
  • Engineering Economy (undergraduate ISYE course) Fall 2023 (syllabus)

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