Onboarding Faculty: Workshops and Videos

In the early stages of our Program, the VIP Director mentored new instructors, and they were asked to do very little in advance of the first team meeting.  We have since developed the materials below, for use before instructors launch their teams (i.e. before the first week of class).  We ask instructors to watch the two videos prior to attending the new instructor workshop.

Resource Learning Goals Materials/Formats
Video: Setting the Tone
  • Understand five challenges students face within the context of VIP, and ways to support student learning with respect to the challenges.
Video: Best practices – grading
  • Find the syllabus template online.
  • Describe the types of documentation expected of students
  • Be able to describe the three graded categories and how they might look in the instructor’s team.
New Instructor Workshop
  • Outline a typical one-semester framework for your VIP course;
  • Articulate the ways student roles change between semesters;
  • Develop prompts & assignments to help students become active team members;
  • Find answers to your VIP-related questions (Georgia-Tech specific)

PowerPoint presentation

Handouts (core of the workshop)

Facilitator guide (not polished, but includes instructions for handouts)