How Credits Count

The table below and the Word document here give an overview of credit use models at Georgia Tech.  The content is based on a study presented at ASEE in 2018, and the word document was written for department curriculum committees.  In reading the policies, remember that:

  • Students earn 1-2 credits per semester in VIP with two semesters adding up to a typical 3-credit course.
  • Sophomores are limited to 1 credit per semester.
  • Three-credit sections are use by specific departments, but only students from those departments see the 3-credit option in the online application.
Examples from GT Policy Focus Threshold Incentive Threshold Details Culminating Design Culminating Design Details
CS Highest Persistence
Closely tied to curriculum
N/A Jr. Design
Students can use 3 semesters of VIP to fulfill the Junior Design requirement.

    • 1 credit + 2 credits + 2 credits
    • Students must complete all three semesters with the same team.
    • Students enroll in a Jr. Design writing course during or after their last semester of VIP.
ECE Encourages Persistence 6-credits If students earn 6 credits, they count as 3 free and 3 in-major electives. Sr. Design

The ECE rule requires two full years of participation in VIP and specific numbers of credits each semester (1+2+2+3). This limits student use of the option because it requires substantial advance planning. The rules are currently being revisited and may be revised.

Note: This department is revising their curriculum, so this policy is being changed.

BME Encourages Persistence 6-credits If students earn 6 credits, all 6 count as in-major electives.
Policies yielding low persistence
  • Policies that allow VIP to count as in-major electives with no minimum number of credits.
  • Policies that only allow VIP to count as free electives.
  • Policies that allow VIP to count as Senior Design but that require substantial advance planning or administrative hurdles.
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