Andrea Grimes Parker, PhD

Dr. Andrea Grimes Parker is the director of the Wellness Technology Lab and an Associate Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and the Morehouse School of Medicine. Her interdisciplinary research in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Personal Health Informatics examines how social and ubiquitous computing systems can help reduce racial and socioeconomic health disparities.

Dr. Parker’s research has been funded through awards from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Aetna Foundation, and Google. She serves as co-chair for the Workgroup on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH), and is a member of the Georgia Maternal Health Research for Action Steering Committee and the Association of Computing Machinery’s Steering Committee on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing. Dr. Parker has received several best paper nominations for her research on health equity.

PhD, Human-Centered Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
BS, Computer Science, Northeastern University

Fun Fact:
Music is a big passion of mine. I studied piano for several years and sang in various choirs as an undergraduate and graduate student.


PhD Students

Elizabeth Stowell

Elizabeth Stowell

Elizabeth is passionate about expanding access to and improving the quality of healthcare in the United States as well as globally. She is particularly interested in using technology to address disparities in sexual and reproductive health and in mental health. She is currently working on the mHealth Systematic Review and the Alzheimer’s Disease caregiver project.


BA, Health and Society, Wellesley College

Fun Fact:
I love to play soccer and have since I was five years old.


Yixuan (Janice) Zhang

Janice is passionate about the intersection of personal health informatics and data visualization. She has been working on a few interdisciplinary research projects, ranging from social science, computer science, service design, and information visualization.


Fun Fact:
I am a photographer. I also love swimming and tennis.


Headshot of Vanessa OguamanamVanessa Oguamanam

Vanessa is a PhD student in computer science at Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research explores the design and evaluation of mobile health tools that support the promotion of Black women’s health.


BS, Computer Science, University of Maryland College Park
MS, Human-Computer Interaction, University of Maryland College Park

Fun Fact:
I love to sew and make my own clothes. I also love rhythm skating and dancing.


Headshot of AdrianAdrian Choi

Adrian is a PhD student in the Human-Centered Computing program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research interests broadly explore how technology can support community-based organizations and their work in creating healthy communities. In particular, he is interested in how technology can support organizations who work with gang youth, who often face a myriad of threats to their health and well-being.

BS, Cognitive Science, University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
MHI, Health Informatics, University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

Fun Fact:
If I wasn’t a PhD student, I might have become a barista. I love making and drinking coffee way too much.


Undergraduate Students

Grace Pfohl (computer science undergraduate student, Georgia Tech)



Anisa Amiji (Health equity intern, Northeastern University)

Melissa Ramkarran (Health equity intern, Northeastern University)

Herman Saksono, PhD (Computer Science PhD student, Northeastern University)

Farnaz Irannejad Bisafar, PhD (Computer Science PhD student, Northeastern University)

Reneé Wurth, PhD 

Emma Simpson (Digital Civics PhD student, Newcastle University)

Deepak Krishnan (Computer Science MS student, Northeastern University) 

Nivedita Mittal (Computer Science MS student, Northeastern University) 

Bahar Haji-Sheikhi (Computer Science undergraduate student, Northeastern University) 

Chelsi Gibson (Northeastern University)

Mackenzie Breen  (Health Equity Intern, Northeastern University)

Anita Onuoha (Health Equity Intern, Northeastern University)

Olivia Sterns (Health Equity Intern, Northeastern University)

Lina Martinez (MPH, Northeastern University)

Alex Ollendorf (BS Health Sciences, Northeastern University)

Mercedes Lyson (Post-doctoral research scientist, Northeastern University)

Ashwini Ranade (Population Health PhD student, Northeastern University)

Shreya Singh (MS Computer Science)

Parul Sharma (BS Computer Science, Northeastern University)

Priscilla Baquerizo (Computer Science undergraduate student, Northeastern University)

Amanda Carreiro (BS Health Sciences, Northeastern University)

Dana Moore (visiting CRA-W DREU student, undergraduate at Winthrop University)

Arushi Singh

Renee Black

Denise Douglas (Pharmacy undergrad, Northeastern University)

Nur Selin Akbulut (Biology undergrad, Northeastern University)