“New Optimality Test for Branch-and-Bound Based Comprehensive Subset Search”

Xuelei (Sherry) Ni and Xiaoming Huo
First submitted in August 2005

I. The software

  • This software is based on MATLAB.
  • Click here to download the package.

II. Organization

  • To generate the illustrative example in Section 5.1, run “script01.m”, which calls functions: “pairtreeRSS.m”, “pairtreeLB.m” and “pairtreeLBOT.m”. The numbers of rows in outputs ‘ptRSS’, ‘ptRSSLB’ and ‘ptRSSLBOT’ are the numbers of subset-pairs that corresponding scheme have scanned through. “pairtreeRSS.m” generates the entire pair tree without pruning; “pairtreeLB.m” prunes the pair tree with the Furnival-Wilson type of test; “pairtreeLBOT.m” applies both the F-W test and the newly proposed test.
  • “script02.m” run the 1000 simulations as in Section 5.2. “script02_fig.m” generates the two figures that are used in the paper.
  • “script03.m” was used to produce the example in Section 5.3. Note that function “pairtreeLBOT_AIC.m” incorporate the early stopping rule that was described in Section 4.3
  • MAT files “sc01”, “sc02” and “sc03” contained saved results that we have obtained. See corresponding scripts for details.