CTD Dynamic programming

CTDLab Website

CTD-Lab is a library of Matlab routines for computing the maximum number of points (dots) on a graph belonging to one of the following classes:

  • Convex graphs,
  • Holder-2 graphs,
  • Increasing graphs,
  • Lipschitz graphs,
  • Unimodal graphs,

as well as the maximum number of darts on a graph belonging to the following class:

  • Holder-2.

A good way to get started with CTD-Lab is to run the illustratives examples collected in the subdirectory Demos/:

  • convex_demo.m,
  • h2_demo.m,
  • inc_demo.m,
  • lip_demo.m,
  • unim_demo.m,
  • darts_demo.m.

The names of the above scripts indicate their functionalities.

More details regarding this package can be found in the paper “Dynamic programming methods for `Connect the dots’ in scattered point sets” by X. Huo, D. L. Donoho, C. Tovey, and E. Arias-Castro (2004). This paper is still under revision, and should be available on the publication web page in a near future.

Click here to download the package in ZIP format. Script startup.m sets the paths in MATLAB. You need to know MATLAB in order to use this package.