JBEAM Software Website

JBEAM-soft is a software package written in MATLAB. It was used to generate the simulation results, as well as figures, in paper “JBEAM: multiscale curve coding via beamlets” by X. Huo and Jihong Chen. This paper will appear in IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 14 (11), in November 2005. The paper is also downloadable from Huo’s publication webpage.

Click here to download the package. After unpack the downloaded file, open the startup.m file in MATLAB, and then run it to set up the paths in MATLAB. Now you are ready to run our experiments. The scripts of experiments are in the subdirectory workout. Here is a manual, which contains more information about this package.

An additional subdirectory is saved in videodata. This subdirectory is large in size, and only needed when you redo our simulations associated with the video data. It will take a long time to run!

Monday Apr 12 2004