I am a sixth year PhD student in Mathematics at Georgia Tech. My research interests are in contact and symplectic topology, in both low and high dimensions. I am further interested in its connections with smooth low dimensional topology.  My advisor is John Etnyre.

I am joining LSU as a postdoctoral researcher in Fall 2023, under the mentorship of Scott Baldridge.

Email: aroy86 AT gatech.edu

Math organising activities:

  • In June 2023, Angela Wu and I are organising a session on “The topology of contact manifolds and Legendrian submanifolds” at NCNGT 2023.
  • I coorganised GSTGC 2022 at Georgia Tech on April 1-3, 2022.  https://gstgc22.math.gatech.edu
  • In Spring 2021, Hyunki Min and I led a reading group on Filling Obstructions for Contact 3-manifolds. (link)

Mathematics graduate student at Georgia Tech