Media and Awards

Media Coverage:

  • “Playing Hide and Seek with a New Breed of Malware Threatening Millions of Users”, 2023. URLs: Georgia Tech News, ACM Tech News, News 8 Plus, Tech Xplore, TIISys, Tech Times.
  • ” ‘Distilling’ Outdated Software Could Save Defense Dept. Millions in Time and Money”, Georgia Tech news, 2023. URL: Georgia Tech News.
  • “Why DARPA Hopes To ‘Distill’ Old Binaries Into Readable Code”, The Register, 2023. URL: The Register.
  • “Ph.D. student helps develop security frameworks to stop hackers from accessing smart devices”, FIU News. URL: FIU News, College of Engineering FIU.
  • “Dangers of Unsecured Surveillance Cameras”, NBC 6 News, Miami, August 2016. URL: NBC 6 News.
  • Amit Kumar Sikder, Abbas Acar, Leonardo Babun, and A. S. Uluagac, “Experts talk cyberattacks on business, lead live ‘hack’ ” FIU News, 2017. URL: FIU News.
  • “Your phone is like a spy in your pocket” Science News highlights our research work in their magazine in February 2018. Magazine issue: Vol. 193, No. 2, February 3, 2018, p. 18. URL: Science News
  • “Guard Your Gadget”, WSVN 7 News, Miami, November 2016. URL: WSVN 7 News.
  • “Encryption doesn’t stop him or her or you… from working out what Thing 1 is up to”, The Register in August 2018. URL: The Register.


  • UGS Provost Award for Graduate Student Outstanding Creative Project, Florida International University, 2020.
  • Dissertation Year Fellowship awarded by the University Graduate School, Florida International University, 2019.
  • Best poster award (3rd position) at Transforming Antennas Center workshop, Florida International University, 2018.
  • Best Demo Award at Research Annual Conference on Cybersecurity, Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research (FICS), University of Florida, February 2018.
  • Student travel grant from USENIX association for USENIX Security 2017.
  • Student travel grant from University Graduate School, Florida International University for ACSAC 2019.
  • Dean’s List merit scholarship (2012-2014) given by the dean of EEE faculty of BUET.
  • Technical Board Scholarship (2008-2014) given by the Government of Bangladesh.
  • Educational Board Scholarship (2006-2008) given by the Government of Bangladesh.