What is the goal of the program?

To help students in ChBE have a smooth transition in the first semester of enrollment. Other benefits include options for new first-year students to meet fellow ChBE majors, to learn about important offices on campus, and to enjoy social events.

What is the time commitment required?

About 1 hour per week. We ask mentors and mentees to meet weekly, either individually or in small group. We also host an informational “Success Series” event each month that first-year students attend.

Is there a cost to participate?

No, there is no cost to students to participate! The program is sponsored by Shell Oil USA.

Can I do the mentoring program and also take a CHBE (or general) GT 1000 course?

Yes, students may elect to do either program, both, or neither! GT 1000 is a small class in which team leaders serve as mentors to students. In the course, a grade is earned which is a free elective credit, and does calculate into GPA. The Peer Mentoring program has no course registration component, but does provide the similar impact of upperclassmen serving as guides for the first semester.

How many students can participate in Fall 2022?

We will accommodate all applications received by the deadline of August 19, 2022.

How will I be matched with a mentor?

You will provide your top 10 choices of mentor in your student application. We will then do our best to ensure you will be matched with one of your choices.

When will I get to meet my mentor?

We will host a “Meet Your Mentor” event in early September. If unable to attend, mentors will reach out via email to begin connecting to their mentees during the 2nd week of the semester.

How do I select a mentor?

View the mentor profiles provided. You may filter for mentors based on experiences (study abroad or research, for example), by curriculum track, or several other criteria. Make note of the names of your top 10 choices, then submit those names in the application. You can access this by clicking on the How to apply tab on our front page.