CMDI labs’ publication are listed here.

CMDI labs study microbial interactions in diverse environmental and host systems, ranging from coral reefs to cystic fibrosis lung infections.

Steve Diggle profile picture

CMDI Director

Steve Diggle (School of Biological Sciences)

Microbial interactions and social behaviors and the implications for virulence, antimicrobial resistance and therapeutic interventions

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Sam Brown (School of Biological Sciences)

Multi-scale dynamics of infectious disease

Jennifer Curtis (School of Physics)

Physics of cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions, immunophage therapy

Neha Garg profile picture

Neha Garg (School of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Microbial small molecules associated with host microbiome

Brian Hammer profile picture

Brian Hammer (School of Biological Sciences)

Microbial interactions at scales that span genes and genomes, regulatory networks, cells, populations, and communities

Mark Hay profile picture

Mark Hay (School of Biological Sciences)

Community, marine, and chemical ecology in coral reefs

Joel Kostka profile picture

Joel Kostka (School of Biological Sciences)

Microbial processes that impact Earth’s biogeochemical cycles and provide ecosystem services to human beings

Julia Kubanek profile picture

Julia Kubanek (School of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Chemical biology and ecology of marine natural products

Rachel Kuske profile picture

Rachel Kuske (School of Mathematics)

Spatio-temporal dynamics of microbial communities: testing control strategies via combined forward and inverse modeling

Abigail Lind (School of Biological Sciences)

Evolution and ecology of animal intestinal protists

Will Ratcliff profile picture

Will Ratcliff (School of Biological Sciences)

Synthetic biology, directed evolution, and mathematical modeling to understand the evolution of multicellularity

Frank Rosenzweig profile picture

Frank Rosenzweig (School of Biological Sciences)

Evolution of complex traits that augment biodiversity, control cell lifespan and drive major transitions in the history of life

Lauren Speare (School of Biological Sciences)

Microbial ecology, parasitism and predation in the coral holobiont

Shu Takayama (Department of Biomedical Engineering)

Microphysiological systems, bioassays, nano- and micro-scale manipulations

Marvin Whiteley profile picture

Marvin Whiteley (School of Biological Sciences)

Microbial physiology, ecology, virulence, and evolution in chronic infections

Peter Yunker profile picture

Peter Yunker (School of Physics)

Experiments, simulations, and theoretical models to study how groups of cells interact with each other and their environment

CMDI Early Career Award Fellow

Ellinor Alseth

Evolutionary ecology of bacteria-phage dynamics

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CMDI Grant Writing and Trainee Development

Carina Baskett

Coaching trainees with grants and fellowships and other scientific communication, supporting Center grant submissions, organizing professional development