DirACC 2nd Annual Meeting Posters

*Indicates poster presenter

Modeling and Optimization

Design and operation of Direct Air Capture systems under varying environmental conditions
Andrew M. Bai*, Guanhe Rim, Mingyu Song, Hannah Holmes, Youn Ji Min, Jinsu Kim, Christopher W. Jones, Ryan P. Lively, and Matthew J. Realff

Accelerating direct air capture sorbent discovery with a tailored metal-organic framework database: Open DAC 2023
Logan M. Brabson*, Xiaohan Yu, Anuroop Sriram, Sihoon Choi, Zachary Ulissi, Matt Uyttendaele, Andrew J. Medford, David S. Sholl

Impacts of Meteorological Conditions on DAC Siting
Xuqing Cai*, Mark Coletti, Jinsu Kim, Matthew Realff, David Sholl, Melissa Allen-Dumas

Development of Machine Learning Models to Screen Environmental-benign Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
Yushan Chen*, and Yongsheng Chen

Modeling and Optimization of Carbon-Negative NGCC Enabled by Modular Direct Air Capture
Pengfei Cheng*, David Thierry, Dillard Robertson, Joseph K. Scott

Combining Operational and Design Optimization with Hybrid Models for Direct Air Capture Retrofit Analysis
Zachary Kilwein*, Pengfei Cheng, Matthew Realff, Joseph Scott, Fani Boukouvala

MOF-Based Atmospheric Water Extraction: System-Level and Kinetic Analysis
Jinsu Kim*, Shubham Jamdade, Matthew J Realff, Georgia Tech, Yanhui Yuan, Avnos Inc.

Kinetic Model Describing Self-Limiting CO2 Diffusion in Supported Amine Adsorbents
Anthony Vallace*, Yi Ren, Christopher W. Jones and Ryan P. Lively

Condensation, Evaporation and Moisture Content in Porous Media
Alex Warhover*, Matthew Realff. Roman Grigoriev, Michael Schatz

Contactor Development and Design

Observations of Instability in Spatially Periodic Channels with Different Aspect Ratios
Mark Guasch*, Brendan McCluskey*, Michael Schatz

3D printed heat exchangers for low pressure-drop, low-cost DAC unit design
Joao Marreiros*, Ryan Lively

Direct Air Capture of CO2 Using Poly(ethyleneimine)-Functionalized Expanded Poly(tetrafluoroethylene)/Silica Composite Structured Sorbents
Youn Ji Min*, Arvind Ganesan, Matthew J Realff, Christopher W Jones

Self-supported Polymer Monoliths for DAC
Pavithra Narayanan*, Christopher W. Jones, Ryan P. Lively

Cold temperature direct air capture of CO2 using MIL-101(Cr) monoliths
Yuxiang Wang*, Guanhe Rim, Mingyu Song, Hannah E. Holmes, Christopher W. Jones, and Ryan P. Lively

Sorbent Design and Degradation Studies

Contributions of CO2, O2, and H2O to the Oxidative Stability of Solid Amine Direct Air Capture Sorbents at Intermediate Temperature 
Yoseph A. Guta*, Juliana Carneiro, Sichi Li, Giada Innocenti, Simon H. Pang, Miles A. Sakwa-Novak, Carsten Sievers, and Christopher W. Jones

Tuning sorbent properties to reduce the cost of direct air capture
Hannah E. Holmes*, Sayan Banerjee, Anthony Vallace, Xin Zhang, Won Hee Lee, Ryan P. Lively, Christopher W. Jones, Matthew J. Realff

Metal Ion Contaminant Influence on PEI/SBA-15 Composite for Direct Air Capture
Botagoz Kuspangaliyeva*, Christopher W. Jones, Ryan P. Lively

Support Pore Structure & Composition Strongly Influence the Direct Air Capture of CO2 on Supported Amines
Guanhe Rim*, Pranjali Priyadarshini, Mingyu Song, Yuxiang Wang, Andrew Bai, Matthew J. Realff, Ryan P. Lively, Christopher W. Jones

Cold temperature DAC using zeolites
MinGyu Song*, Guanhe Rim, Ryan P. Lively, and Christopher W. Jones.

Effect of acid gas exposure on chemical stability and CO2 adsorption properties of MIL-101(Cr)-PEI composites in dry and humid conditions.
Mario Zorrilla Valtierra*, Guanhe Rim, Arvind Ganesan, Pavithra Narayanan, Priyadarshini Seshasayee, Krista S. Walton, Ryan Lively and Cristopher W. Jones.