Recruitment Information


Spring 2023 Recruitment

The Georgia Tech EcoCAR VIP Team is looking for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in learning about and working with innovative vehicle technologies to kickoff the EcoCAR EV Challenge. Spring 2023 will be the second semester of the new challenge and we are looking to build our backbone for the competition!

We are looking to recruit dedicated and highly-motivated individuals to aid in a multitude of mechanical, electrical, human-machine interface, and computer science efforts (see below for specifics).

By joining our team you will:

  • Gain hands-on experience working with industry hardware and software tools
  • Gain experience on how electric machines, batteries, and other EV technologies work
  • Participate in the process of deconstructing, modifying, and rebuilding a vehicle
  • Understand the process of developing reliable, market-ready hardware and software systems
  • Participate in the development and testing of an autonomous vehicle with a team-developed V2X capability

What’s Happening in Spring 2023

Coming to the Spring 2023 semester, our team is focusing on selecting our vehicle architecture for the all new GM Cadillac Lyriq. This is a state of the art EV that has yet to hit dealerships!

  • Using GM provided CAD on the Cadillac Lyriq, design a previously RWD EV into an AWD EV
  • Simulate different motor and inverter combinations to determine the best overall vehicle design
  • Selecting a hardware suite for our autonomous driving features including LIDAR, radar, cameras, and controllers
  • Pinpoint a target market for our vehicle

VIP Class Applications

Undergraduate Students

Since we are a VIP team, all interested undergraduate students are required to apply for the EcoCAR VIP class in addition to applying to specific sub-teams of interest (see below). The VIP website may be accessed by clicking here

Graduate Students

It is possible for graduate students working on our VIP team to receive credit towards graduation requirements. In particular, non-thesis MS students should apply through the VIP 6603 VPU course to receive credit. The VIP website may be accessed by clicking here. Additionally, applicants must apply to sub-teams of interest (see below) and discuss potential projects with sub-team leads (contact list here).

Sub-Team Specific Info and Applications

Read more information about each sub-team here

SDI application info
PCM application info
CAV application info

Subsystem Design and Integration

Join us as we go through the design process to convert a rear-wheel drive electric Cadillac Lyriq into an all-wheel drive vehicle with adaptive cruise control. Our responsibilities for the Spring 2023 semester will include:

  • Component selection process for electric motors, inverters, and hardware required for adaptive cruise control.
  • Thermal system modeling for radiators and pumps to cool new components
  • CAD design work for fabrication and integration of components upon delivery of the vehicle.

Members should understand the importance of tangible designs, manufacturability of parts, and be able to not only work well with fellow sub-team members but also with other sub-teams to make designs that meet team and vehicle requirements.

SDI Desired Skills
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Manual & CNC Machining
  • Strong ability to work well with teammates
  • Basic automotive experience is a plus
  • Experience with wire routing and management is a plus
  • Experience with power distribution and parallel circuits is a plus
  • Welding experience is a plus
  • Most of all, looking for someone who comes to shop regularly and is always willing to learn something new

These skills are not required but will be helpful for you to hit the ground running. Most of all, we are looking for someone who comes to shop regularly and is always willing to learn something new.

SDI application: click here

Propulsion Controls and Modeling

With the design of an all new car  this sub-team is looking for new members to help with the following in Spring 2023:

  • Developing an electric vehicle model in Simulink
  • Developing competition provided vehicle models for  Model In the Loop (MIL) and Hardware In the Loop (HIL) simulations
  • Participation in the architecture selection process of the vehicle
  • Creating energy conscious algorithms for motor control of vehicle
PCM Desired Skills
  • Minimum Sophomore level credit hours
  • Proficiency in MATLAB
  • Familiarity with Simulink
  • Experience with serial data and CAN bus is a plus
  • Experience with Vector tools or dSPACE Hardware is a plus
  • Experience with any of the following programs is a plus: ControlDesk, AutomationDesk
  • Experience with controls algorithm development for a hybrid or battery electric vehicle is a plus
  • Automotive experience is a plus

Most of all, we desire someone who is meticulous, willing to commit time, and has a desire to learn.
Almost everyone in our team started EcoCAR with no automotive experience so don’t let that hold you back from applying!

PCM application: click here

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
The Connected and Automated Vehicles sub-team starts at sensing (eg. Radar, Vehicle-to-Everything Radio, Camera, Lidar, etc.) and ends at controlling the vehicle based on what has been perceived.
For the 2023 school year, our efforts on the CAVs team will primarily be focused on:
  • Sensor Suite selection and architectural design (Planning)
  • Model-Based Engineering (Simulation)
  • Sensor Procurement and Installation
  • Perception/Sensing System Development and Testing
CAVs Desired Skills
  • Well-versed in Matlab (Simulink a plus)
  • Knowledge of systems, sensors, networking, or controls
  • DSP or Systems background
  • Experience with serial data and CAN bus is a plus
  • Experience with RF or wireless communication is a plus Familiarity with Kalman Filter is a plus
  • Familiarity with modeling/simulation of controls systems is a plus

CAVs application: The team is no longer recruiting students for the CAV team

Communications Team

Join our communications team this Spring 2023 to work with us on connected with government officials, writing blog posts and features, posting on our social medias, and coordinating and putting together community outreach events ranging from the Atlanta community, to Georgia Tech students, to k-12 schools. You will be working with a communications team to achieve all of the following.

Our responsibilities for the spring include:

  • Connecting with local and state government officials
  • Creating deliverables and presentations on our Year 1 progress and work
  • Attending and coordinating outreach events 
  • Social media posting on several platforms via Hootsuite
CM Desired Skills:
  • Management and leadership
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Ability to learn, understand and communicate advanced vehicle technologies
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Social Media
  • Video Production

These skills are not required, but will be useful and used skills throughout your time on the communications team. We have several roles in order for everyone to find a place that they can use their skills effectively. We are looking for candidates who want to increase EV awareness and who may have a prior interest in automotive industries and wants to use communications skills to aid in this. 

Comms application: click here

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team

The EcoCAR EV Challenge attacks sustainability issues that effect clean transportation and mobility. Tackling these issues requires understanding of the benefits and necessities of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The DEI sub-team focuses on reinforcing a strong team culture of inclusion, promoting equity in STEM education, providing employment opportunities to team members, and finding ways to innovate for the community. The DEI subteam will be a small team of up to 4.

DEI Desired Skills:
  • Organizational development
  • Career development
  • Virtual and in-person communication tactics
  • Building cross-functional partnerships
  • Documentation Writing
  • Strategy building

If you don’t have the above skills, still apply if you want to build them, learn, and reap the benefits and fulfillment of being on an award winning team!

DEI application: click here