Eco-Marathon at Georgia Tech is a student organization that seeks to compete at the annual Shell Eco-marathon Americas. Last year, EMGT competed in Detroit, passing all safety inspections with a car built in less than a semester.

This competition focuses on the creation and competition of the most fuel-efficient vehicles that incorporate of the following types of powertrains:

  • ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC)
  • Battery electric

Over 500 teams from 50 countries participate in this competition every year, with the world record set at nearly 13,000 miles per gallon (equivalent) by the PAC-Car II, made by students at ETH Zurich.

The PAC-Car II was powered by hydrogen, the same as our vehicle this year. We will be using a Proton-exchange membrane HFC that outputs a maximum of 500 watts. To put this in common terms, our entire car will use 1/3 the power of a hairdryer. Our ultimate goal: set a new world record!


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