About me

Note 2022: Please check my new website from https://euzun.github.io

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow working in the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy at Georgia Tech under the supervision of Prof. Wenke Lee. Before joining Georgia Tech, I worked in Center for Cyber Security at New York University Abu Dhabi as a Research Engineer for two years. I currently hold a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, an M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering and two B.Sc. degrees in both Computer Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering from TOBB University, Turkey. My research interests span a broad range of topics including deep learning, applied cryptography, security/privacy and forensics.


  • [PAPER]: Our paper, “Privacy Preserving Surveillance from Fuzzy Labeled Private Set Intersection“, is accepted for Privacy Preserving Machine Learning Workshop. (08/16/2021)
  • [THESIS]: I successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation about “Security and Privacy in Biometrics-Based Systems“. (07/30/2021)
  • [PAPER]: Our paper, “Fuzzy Labeled Private Set Intersection with Applications to Private Real-Time Biometric Search“, is accepted for USENIX Security’21 symposium. (05/25/2021)
  • [PAPER]: Our paper, “Modeling Large-Scale Manipulation in Open Stock Markets”, is accepted for IEEE Security & Privacy magazine.¬†(05/19/2021)
  • [LICENSE] Available technology (8506),”Enabling Privacy-Preserving Search Over Fuzzy Databases”, for licensing by Georgia Tech Technology Licensing. (03/19/2021)
  • [LICENSE]¬†Available technology (7885), “Privacy-Preserving Remote Biometric Authentication”, for licensing by Georgia Tech Technology Licensing. (01/22/2021)
  • [PAPER]: Our paper, “Cryptographic key derivation from biometric inferences for remote authentication”, is accepted for AsiaCCS’21 conference. (10/24/2020)
  • [AWARD]: Our research, “Privacy-preserving surveillance”, received the People’s Choice and Create-X Launch Invitation awards in IISP Demo Day Finale. (09/24/2020)
  • [PAPER]: Our paper, “On the feasibility of automating stock market manipulation”, is accepted for ACSAC’20 conference. (08/17/2020)
  • [PATENT]: A provisional patent is filed for our work, “Conducting privacy-preserving search over fuzzy databases”. (06/17/2020)
  • [CODE]: Codebase of ¬†“JpgScraper: An Advanced Carver for JPEG Files” is open-sourced. (11/04/19)
  • [PAPER]: “JpgScraper: An Advanced Carver for JPEG Files” is accepted for IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security. (11/04/19)
  • [PATENT]: Patent for “Privacy Preserving Face-Based Authentication” is published by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. (10/17/19)
  • [AWARD]: My research, “Justitia: Privacy-Preserving and Recoverable Remote Biometric Authentication”, received Panel of Experts prize ($1,000) in the Cybersecurity Summit Poster session. (09/10/19)
  • [PATENT]: Two patents, from my VMware internship work “Generating Sensor-Based Identifier”, are published by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. (06/27/19)
  • [AWARD]: Our research, “Privacy-Preserving Biometrics-Based Authentication”, received CREATE-X Startup invitation award. (10/22/18)
  • [PAPER]: “Defending Against Biometric Mimicry: Real-time CAPTCHA-based Facial and Voice Recognition” is published by Journal of Homeland Defense and Security (HDIAC). (10/04/18)
  • [PRESENT]: “rtCaptcha” is presented in Fourteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS’14). (08/12/18)
  • [PRESS]: rtCaptcha is covered by the news. [TechCrunch] [MIT Technology Review(In German)] [governmentCIO] [eWeek] [BiometricUpdate] [ScienceDaily] [Security Advisor ME] (04/18/18)
  • [PRESENT]: I will be presenting “rtCaptcha” at the Cybersecurity Lecture Series at Georgia Tech (03/02/18)
  • [PRESENT]: I will be presenting “rtCaptcha” at NDSS’18. (02/16/18)
  • [PATENT]: Patent for “rtCaptcha: A Real-Time Captcha Based Liveness Detection System” is published by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. (12/31/17)
  • [CODE]: Matlab toolbox for the recovery method in “Carving Orphaned JPEG File Fragments” paper is released. (11/05/17)
  • [PAPER]: “rtCaptcha: A Real-Time Captcha Based Liveness Detection System” is accepted for NDSS’18 conference. (10/26/17)
  • [PAPER]: “Image Carving with Missing Headers and Missing Fragments” is accepted for IEEE WIFS’17 conference. (09/18/17)
  • [CODE]: Flickr public photo crawler and downloader is released. (09/15/17)