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The overarching research goals within the Exercise Physiology Laboratory are to seek nutritional and exercise interventions that can improve human health, well-being, and performance. Our group has been particularly focused on the importance of hydration to delay fatigue and maintain safety during exercise, especially in conditions of heat stress. The physiological responses and efficacy of specific interventions related to nutrient composition and dosage (e.g. during and following physical activity) have been studied. Health and work performance issues that relate to body fluid balance and provision of optimal macronutrients have implications for a variety of populations during exercise that may be specific to fitness level, age, and gender.

Buzz_on_bikeResearch Opportunities

Undergraduate students (following completion of APPH 4100 or other APPH certificate classes) and graduate students who are interested in exercise physiology may assist with various ongoing research projects. In addition, we frequently recruit students as participants in exercise physiology studies.

Current Research Projects

  • Dehydration and Exercise – Heat stress effects on brain structure, function, and neuromotor performance
  • Development of sensor technology for wearable joint health assessment
  • Hydration Status during Daily Living: Influence of Gender and Environment
  • Ergogenicity of Caffeine and Carbohydrate: Effect on Metabolism and Performance
  • Mechanisms Underlying Variability in Human Sweat Sodium and Implications on Fluid and Electrolyte Balance during Exercise in the Heat

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Recent Publications

NASDAQ picAs President of American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Millard-Stafford rang the closing bell on NASDAQ (May 9, 2009).