The Georgia Tech Geekapalooza Comedy tour consists of stand-up comedians drawn from the ranks of Georgia Tech students, faculty, staff & alumni. We occasionally perform with guest nerd comedians from coast to coast. Below are are current and former members, but many of our former members join us for occasional performances.

Current & Former Inmates

treybraun will_farr aliforman
Trey Braun
Mech. Eng. Alum
MBA Student
Will Farr
Mech. Eng. Major
 Ali Foreman
Comp. Media Major
 tessgreene  lewlefton  pete
Tess Green
Biomed. Eng. Major
 Lew Lefton
Mathematics Faculty
Asst. Dean, COS
 Pete Ludovice
Chem. & Biomol.
Eng. Faculty
kireet  skanda_prasad  zain
Kireet Nimmagadda
Business Alum
Skanda Prasad
Elec. & Comp. Eng.
Grad. Student
Zain Sharif
Premed Major
(Biology & Business)
Rrahul Topiwala
Chem. & Biomol.
Eng. Major


Former Inmates